Even after yesterday’s 8-run, 2-inning effort, Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade says he’s not giving up on pitcher Carlos Silva as a rotation option. Which, frankly, is the right thing to say even if you are giving up on him.

But rather than cut the cord on Silva, manager Mike Quade praised his embattled starter after the comeback win.

“See you in five days, and he’ll be better,” Quade said. “I’ve watched some of the best I’ve ever seen have days like these down here. It’s about the body of work, and a whole lot of other things. He’ll be fine and he’ll be back and he’ll be better. I’m convinced of that.”

Silva is in a six-way battle for two rotation spots with Randy Wells, Andrew Cashner, Braden Looper, James Russell and Todd Wellemeyer. A 29.70 earned-run average isn’t going to help, though Quade doesn’t seem to be bothered by the poor numbers.

“I tend to give a guy who’s had this kind of a career and the longevity and has been around as a veteran his space to do this,” Quade said. “It’s not his first rodeo, and I think he was fine today. He went about his business great. He worked through a little trouble in the first couple innings and just couldn’t make a pitch or two to get out of the third inning.

“I make nothing out of this other than just a rough day. For all the communication or conversations I have … he’ll be fine.” Chicago Tribune.

The Cubs owe Silva a healthy chunk of cash whatever happens this Spring. So it is clearly in their interest that he pitch well, or at least be perceived as pitching well, whether he’s going to be a Cub or not.

Even if Silva dominates the rest of the Spring, I don’t believe he can be trusted as a 5th starter on this team. But, to be clear, if he dominates the rest of Spring, he’ll probably get the job. Quade’s comments, and Silva’s performance, do nothing to undercut those twin beliefs.

  • wax_eagle

    My money is either on the Cubs eating his salary and releasing him or him developing a mysterious and unnamed injury (code: we want to send him down but can’t) that will last until he starts pitching better.

  • Dave

    I hope the Cubs make a decision based on baseball factors and not financial ones. Yeah, you’d like your 12 million dollar pitcher to take his turn every fifth day, but if the team has any desire to be even faux-contenders, they can’t send a guy likely to be good for 4 innings and 6 earned runs out to the mound 30 times.

  • philoe beddoe

    if Quade went all “Ozzie Guillen” after the performance, and said how shitty he was..it wouldn’t do us any good…I know we Cub fans would all like for them to pull the plug on Silva, but they have to keep their poker faces on…now that being said, if he’s in the rotation ahead of Wells..thats ridiculous..

  • Tex

    Silva is a waste of space! The Cubs got more than they thought they would out of Silva last year! Cut your losses……get rid of him and let a younger guy take his roster spot at a minimum salary and let him develop! I really like what I see out of Marcos Mateo! He had a great winter and would help the bullpen much more than Silva ever would!