Does that score haunt you? Indeed, it looks eerily familiar, given the Cubs’ performance over the past few years. Carlos Zambrano was once again solid in the runs column – just one in three innings – but he did give up five hits.

  • Braden Looper also got three innings in, but gave up the other three runs on a homer. He’s running out of opportunities to prove himself.
  • Young reliever Robert Coello had another nice outing – striking out two and walking one over a scoreless frame. He faces a numbers crunch, and, as a guy with an option left, is unlikely to make the bullpen out of Spring Training. But he might well be one of the first guys called up when a fresh arm is needed.
  • Fernando Perez got the start in center and at leadoff, but failed to reach base. The Cubs on the whole had just five hits. Reed Johnson took over late and went 0-1.
  • Brett Jackson had another 0-fer day, and his dreams of being the next Tyler Colvin, for this year, are all but scuttled.
  • You know who else had an 0-fer? Koyie Hill, whose Spring average stands at .000.


  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    Hill must go. I simply can’t understand why the Cubs have kept him around this long even. Sure, he’s relatively solid behind the plate, but its certainly nothing to write home about and his defense is most definitely not irreplaceable. I’m convinced that even at the AAA level, his batting average would still be below .200. Its almost 100% guaranteed that we’d get more offensive production from Castillo or Ramirez. I mean he’s 0-14 and hasn’t even been able to draw a walk this Spring. Not a major league caliber player. Perhaps the Cubs should consider moving him to a job where he never has to hit, but can still be part of the team, such as bullpen catcher lol. Other than that, Hill must go.

    • Ace

      And he’s going to be paid nearly $1 million for all of that.

      • wax_eagle

        Ace is that a guaranteed contract? If so the Cubs should have taken him to Arb so at least it wouldn’t be guaranteed…

        • Ace

          Unless there are weird, undisclosed terms, yes, it’s guaranteed. And you’re exactly right – it’s a little known loophole in contracts secured via arbitration. Would have been highly useful here (and also was a reason I advocated offering Rich Harden arbitration after the 2009 season).

          I suppose it is possible that his deal has an out for the Cubs, given that it is effectively an arbitration deal. Would make for an interesting point of negotiation: “Look, Koyie. If you go to arbitration, sure, you might win an extra $100k, but your deal won’t be guaranteed. So you might end up with bupkis. Here, sign this deal, take a little less and we’ll guarantee it – or take a little more and leave us open the chance of waiving you at the end of the Spring.”

  • rylan

    Koyie Hill 4 President!

  • ramy16

    we need to ace koyie hill…i see max ramirez is doing really well! who else is bidding to back up Geo? i see fernando perez is doing really well…reed johnson is through…i know hes a cubs favorite…but fernando seems to be having a decent camp..he could platoon with byrd! i am sorry but carlos silva is washed up..its time to put the cow out to pasture!!…

    • Jeff

      Wellington Castillo is swinging the bat well. At first look it seems he has struggled behind the plate. A closer look reveals he had to catch for John Gaub twice, and was lucky to catch any of the crazy junk that guy was launching around the backstop. I guess the backup catcher has to be able to call a good game and have a solid glove, but I think that’s all negated if the guy can’t even get on base. I haven’t picked up a wooden bat in 10 years and I have as many hits as he does this spring, how is that even close to acceptable?

      • Ace

        The thing that kills me is that the Cubs can’t be surprised – Hill has *never* been able to hit. And yet here we are, entering the THIRD consecutive season with him as the primary backup (and FIFTH consecutive season with him as one of the backups). I get that he’s a good guy and a good teammate and all that, but Jesus. Find a freaking replacement already.