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5 responses to “Blake DeWitt is Not Guaranteed the Second Base Job”

  1. Art

    Quade is always making excuses for every guy on this team. defensively Colvin is having problems. Quade says maybe cause he’s playing 2 positions. DeWitt is having D problems. Quade says maybe cause he’s playing 2 positions.

    Colvin hasn’t played 1B since college, ok, he’s rusty at 1B. that’s no reason he’s been bad in the OF. DeWitt has played 3B & 2B in the ML’s, no excuse. all Quade has to say is, best man wins, and not for 3-4 games, for 3-4 weeks.

    1. miggy80

      As a leader you have to pick and choose your words very carefully. How do you think the guys would react if he started to show he doesn’t have faith in them? Or better yet, what would you think of him then? What this shows me is that Q should be able to handle the media in Chicago.

  2. jstraw

    That picture of DeWitt is hilarious. “I found the ball coach…now what?!”

    1. jim

      “Hey Mommy, look what I found!!”

  3. philoe beddoe

    The Dodgers wanted Theriot because they said he was a “true” middle infielder..nice speak for saying DeWitt couldn’t play there..he is a 3B who is trying to be made into a 2B because his offense, which would be ‘suspect’ for a 2B, is unacceptable for a 3B..

    long story short, he is not a major league 2b defensively