What the heck is this? A pitcher’s duel? In Spring Training? Brett Jackson momentarily stepped outside of his struggling self to slap a two-out, game-winning single in the bottom of the 9th, vaulting the Cubs to a rare win.

  • You may have seen (and by “may” I mean “better”) the Cubs 4th and 5th starters dominating today, as Randy Wells went four scoreless, allowing just one hit and one walk, striking out two. After a one-inning stint by Kerry Wood, Andrew Cashner threw the final four innings, allowing one run on three hits and a walk (the run came on a Jayson Nix homer), and struck out three.
  • Reed Johnson and Fernando Perez once again split time in center, and once again, neither did anything of note. So I’ll note nothing.
  • Darwin Barney went 0-2 in his time at shortstop, dropping his Spring average under .300. He’s still got a leg up on Augie Ojeda in my mind, if not in Mike Quade’s.
  • Blake DeWitt also went 0-2, and he’s now hitting just .182 on the Spring. Couple that with his perceived defensive struggles, and his grip on the nominal starting job at second base is slipping.
  • Break out the freaking presses: Koyie Hill reached base today! Of course, he did it via walk and was subsequently thrown out trying to steal. He remains impressively hitless.
  • jeff

    Cashner also broke up the no hitter for good measure. Three strikeouts, one walk, aside from the homer, he looked really good. Wells just put the nail in the coffin for number 4, and hopefully Cashner positioned himself as the front runner for number 5.

    I am issuing Koyie Hll the nickname of Dead Horse, because everyone knows how bad he is, and we all know he is going to stick around, but none of us can help but notice his aptitude for sucking and waste little time pointing it out to each other, myself included.

  • Bric

    Just throwing this one out there but what about trying to pawn off Silva and Grabow’s contract on the Mets for Oliver Perez and a prospect? Their two contracts roughly comapre to his, it would solve two headaches, end the rost spots question, and bring a young guy. Just sayin, Perez would take the lefty spot, isn’t that bad as a fifth guy, andf send a message not to get too comfy in the “wait till next year when we get Pujols” mojo among the team. Just sayin’.

    • jeff

      I think Perez has another season or two left on his deal.

      • Ace

        Oliver Perez is done.

  • PFK

    I’m not worried that Koye Hill is still hitting .000 (“Hey, I’m working on some things OK?”). It is obvious they are keeping him around for pinch running duty – hence the attempted steal (“Hey, I’m working on some new running techniques OK?”). I’ve yet to see the video of him jumping over a car but I’m sure that is coming.

    • Ace

      After taking a fender to the gut: “Hey, I’m working on some new jumping techniques OK?”

      • PFK