Though he’d suggested he wouldn’t make any cuts for another week or two, today Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade gave the axe to two young relievers, neither of whom was expected to make the bullpen. Lefty John Gaub, one of three the Cubs got from the Indians in the Mark DeRosa trade, once again failed to impress, and will have to toil away in the minors for another year, hoping injury strikes. Righty Esmailin Caridad, whose long recovery from arm problems last year appear to have sapped him of his previously dominating stuff, also failed to do much of note. Caridad is living proof of how deceptive September and Spring stats can be, and he’ll work in the minors to regain his form.

  • BT

    Really disappointed in the lack of progress from Gaub.

    • Ace

      Absolutely. His minor league numbers were so promising – not just good, but the right kind of good.

      • Bric

        At least Caridad is gone early. As hopeful as I was for last year, the first red light about Lou and the team in general came very early when Lou gave him a spot in the pen after about three days of ST. So much for competition among the 80 players invited to camp. And, again, Gaub could probably get traded to a team that’s in dire of need of lefty relief.

        • Ace

          Gaub’s gonna have to show *something* at the big league level before another team would consider giving him a roster spot.

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      It seems like so many of these guys are just disappointing in general. Gaub, Caridad, Berg, Samardzija, Russell, Stevens… I cant stand the thought of seeing any of these guys coming in for relief late in a close game that has any significance.

      • Ace

        Good relievers have to come from somewhere; but you’re right, none of that group has yet inspired any confidence.