A couple of one-run losses to the Reds – get ’em out of your system in the Spring, boys. The bigger news? Koyie Hill had his first hit of the Spring! That double was easily worth $850,000…

  • Carlos Silva dropped another deuce, this time to the tune of four earned runs in five innings of work. As usual, he didn’t walk anyone, but he gave up five hits, including a double, a triple, and two homers. The good news is his trade value has never been higher. Not.
  • Todd Wellemeyer, Casey Coleman, and James Russell also stunk, with Wellemeyer giving up three runs (two earned) in two innings of work (four hits, three walks), Coleman giving up two earned runs in four innings of work (five hits and one walk), and Russell giving up four runs (one earned) in three innings of work (five hits, two walks). None of the three will be winning a rotation spot, and none is a particularly good bet to make the bullpen either.
  • Robert Coello’s hopes of making the bullpen were probably also dashed as he looked terrible in his third of an inning, giving up four hits and two earned runs.
  • Justin Berg threw a scoreless frame, so it wasn’t all bad news for guys trying to make the pitching corps.
  • Fernando Perez and Reed Johnson each got in a near full game, with Perez winning today’s duel (1-4 with three RBI). Johnson’s Spring average is down to .167 after another hitless effort.
  • Darwin Barney went 2-4 playing a near full game at shortstop. Interestingly, it looks like Augie Ojeda did not play today, despite the split squad games. I wonder if he’s hurt.
  • Fan favorite Bobby Scales did what he does, tearing up Spring Training. The 30-something utility player went 3-5, scoring twice and driving in two. He’s not a real threat to make the roster, though.


  • greg

    I’m gonna draft Koyie in ALL my fantasy leagues!

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      I dont blame you. I mean how can you resist? I bought MLB 11 The Show and started a season with the Cubs. The first thing I did was sending Hill down to AAA as to not take up space on the roster. Didnt care that he might get picked up on waivers. Funny thing is, he didn’t… Nobody wants to pick up that kinda talent haha

      • Ace

        Even in the electronic world, teams know he’s not worth a spot. I feel bad, because he seems like a good guy/teammate.

  • jstraw

    Castro, Colvin & Scott Moore raked today.

    • Ace

      I meant to comment on the second homer by Castro – it was a freaking bomb.

  • steven j

    I got the privilege of seeing russels game in Vegas. Can’t imagine russels will break camp in the rotaion. colvin,Castro had a good day, Along with Scott Moore, although don’t see much of a spot for him, although he did get time at first and I think it was second that he moved to in the later innings. Marmol couldn’t consistently find the strike zone like normal, and the best pitching performance came out of Coleman, (sigh). still too early to tell but this could be a long summer… GO CUBS!

    • Ace

      It was a fun game to be at I’m sure (the outcome notwithstanding).

  • BT

    I’d agree Coello had a bad day, but he’s had a good spring, and the 4 hits today were all singles, I think, so I don’t know if we can stick a fork in him yet.

    • Ace

      He’s got an option left, which, if nothing else, will probably be the fork.

  • Hogan

    Does anybody else get a Casey McGehee feel from Scott Moore this year? His minor numbers are about the same as Blake Dewitt. I just don’t get why management has this crush on Dewitt, although that may be changing lately.

    • Ace

      Before McGehee, I would say the idea that someone like Scott Moore could make a team out of Spring Training and be anything more than a weak bench bat would be crazy. But it’s possible. Though McGehee was a couple years younger when he pulled it off.