It wasn’t too long ago that it seemed all Michael Young trade rumors were put to bed. He’s due $48 million over the next three years, and the Rangers have been unwilling to eat much of that sum in order to move Young – which is the only way they’ll find a taker.

Well, the rumors are back, and now the Cubs are being linked a little more concretely. According to the Boston Globe, the Cubs might consider trading for Young if, you guessed it, the Rangers eat enough of his deal. Why the Globe would have the inside scoop on this, rather than, say, a Chicago source, I couldn’t say. It could be nothing more than an educated guess.

Young would slot in as the Cubs’ starting second baseman, where he’s the defensive equivalent of Blake DeWitt (read: not good), but is a theoretical offensive upgrade. Nevermind that Young has been in decline for years – he’s now 34 – and that he’s never hit better than Koyie Hill outside of Arlington. Landing Young might not actually make the Cubs better, but rumors are fun! Yay!

Presumably, if the Cubs landed Young, DeWitt or Jeff Baker would be relegated to a utility role, and the other might well be shipped out. What it would cost to get Young is anyone’s guess, but I’m certain it’s inexorably linked to how much of his remaining contract the Rangers eat.

  • CubsFanatic

    If we can get rid of Baker along with either Silva or Fuku, I’d make this trade. I mean we at least get slightly better offensively. Plus it would be nice to have a decent backup for A-Ram.

    • Ace

      I would not be totally shocked to see Baker outhit Young this year (when adjusted for park factors).

      • jeff

        I like Baker and hope he wins the second base job outright this spring or early in the year. I really don’t think Young is the best fit, even if the Rangers eat a good portion of his salary, he will be pushing 40 by the end of his deal. Bruce Levine quoted a Cubs source as saying there was “no chance” of anything happening with Young and the Cubs anyway.

      • Hogan

        All of his career Young has had horrible home/road splits. I pray that this deal never happens, no matter how much money the Rangers are willing to eat.

  • Mike S

    Silva and Fukudome for Young?

  • 1060Ivy

    Beyond financial issues associated with getting Young, the Rangers are looking for young pitching talent so the likes of Silva the Hutt ain’t going to fly to get a deal done.

    Young makes this year’s squad better offensively. Spring stats don’t matter but not happy that the Cubs appear to be continuing their nasty trend of last couple years of not being able to hit with runners in scoring position. Unless the Rangers are in dump mode, I don’t see anything happening for the Cubs.

    • Ace

      You are quite right that the Rangers are looking for young, MLB-ready pitching talent – it’s like they think they’re trading 2006 Michael Young.

      • CubsFanatic

        To be fair, who isn’t looking you young MLB ready pitching talent? I think maybe with help from Rudy, Young could do well this year. (Better than Baker or DeWitt.)

  • eryk

    Soriano for Young, get our biggest contract out of the way

    • Ace

      If they were willing to take ALL of Soriano’s contract, then sure. They wouldn’t. And for what it’s worth, my guess is that Soriano outproduces Young in 2011.

      • jeff

        I think he will too, even without all that adjusted home ballpark stuff you’re always going on about. If he keeps going opposite field like he has been this spring, look out, he might not get booed all year again.