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4 responses to “The Yankees and Nationals Have Been Scouting Carlos Silva”

  1. Art

    so besides Silva, his contract, and a bunch of top rookies, what else would the Cubs need to give up to get rid of him?

  2. Bric

    Let’s just hope Hendry actually talks to these teams agressively. Remember Chad Gaudin? Hendry had his chance to trade him too, declined (of course), and then he gets cut in ST leaving the Cubs on the hook for his whole salary. Oh yeah… then the Yankees picked him up for nothing and he ends up with a world series ring. Just another one Hendry’s genius moves.

  3. BT

    Cubs are on the hook for only 6 million of Silva’s contract. Not a huge difference, but it does sound better than 8.

    AGAIN bric, how do you know Hendry didn’t shop Gaudin, and how do you know the Yankees weren’t smart enough to not offer anything because they thought they could get him later for free?

    Brace yourself. There is a strong possibility that no one will offer anything for Silva because they know he won’t make the rotation. Then after the Cubs cut him, they will get him for free. Then you will come on here and complain because Hendry didn’t shop him.

    I can see the future.