Matt Garza had his first decent outing of the Spring, though it was still far from sparkling: two walks and three hits in four innings, one earned, and three Ks. Solid, but not great…

  • Reed Johnson went hitless again, dropping his Spring average to .138. Fernando Perez has an option left, so you’d have to believe Johnson was the presumptive favorite to win the 5th outfielder job coming into Spring, but he certainly hasn’t done anything to earn a spot.
  • Darwin Barney, on the other hand, continues to impress. He went 2-4 and scored a run. In the mysterious, continued absence of Augie Ojeda, Barney is winning himself a roster spot.
  • Thomas Diamond – still almost certainly ticketed for AAA Iowa – threw a couple scoreless innings.
  • Matt Szczur had his first hit of the Spring, which doesn’t much matter in the grand scheme of things. But I wanted to mention him, as he’ll certainly be someone to watch in the minors in 2011.
  • Are you ready to have you blood boiled a bit? Welington Castillo had another couple hits today, raising his Spring average to .636. Koyie Hill, who has one hit on the Spring, stands to make twice what Castillo would make if Castillo were to make the big club. For a team with such budgetary constraints, you’d think they would have exercised a bit more caution when committing nearly $1 million to a back-up catcher. Oh, and it will feel even better to watch the other catcher Hill was blocking – Robinson Chirinos – tearing shit up in Tampa. Harumph.
  • greg

    Fucking Hill. Come on, get rid of him. I wanna hear some Cubs people address this

  • Art

    who makes the talent decisions? I’ve been talking up Barney since last August. was hoping they wouldn’t trade Lee or Chirinos, and couldn’t believe they resigned Hill. seems to me like Ricketts needs a real GM, and manager.

  • Serio

    Correct Me If I’m Wrong did Quade say he’s an organizational guy and will lean on every scout, every player development person to make the team better and it is a “team effort” when it comes to winning at the big league level—–What kind of scout and player development do we have? Also Blake Dimwit has to go BAD!

  • eryk

    Hendry should be fired already for the garza trade. He is fucking stupid and gave up way to much for a pitcher who is pitching like shit. I’d rather have archer and lee and chirinos any day than garza. the cubs are fucked until management brings the hammer down on bs like this. Heck archer is pitching better than garza right now. The cubs will never win under hendry he has no idea how to build a team, and if the ricketts dont fire him, their just as bad.

    • jeff

      Archer has pitched a grand total of four innings so far this spring, and will NOT make the team, how you construe that as outpitching Garza so far is beyond me. HJ Lee is in minors camp and will not be up for two more years. Brandon Guyer is not in Rays camp, and Sam Fuld is playing awful. The only guy of value for this years team, and probably next years that they gave up was Chirinos. Where is he going to play? Can’t even get Castillo in the game over Koyie HIll, what good would another catcher do?

      Garza was good today. What a shocker, he actually threw some breaking balls for the first time this spring. Tampa may have gotten a lot out of the deal, but that haul won’t play in Tampa this year outside of Chirinos, and Archer isn’t even going to be a starter for them when he does pitch for them. It’s time to quit bitching about a trade before you have any way to compare the value of both sides, which probably won’t be until sometime around when Garza is past his arbitration years.

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        Who the Cubs traded for Garza isn’t the problem. The problem is they didn’t need another middle of the rotation SP. If they were determined to trade with the Rays for a SP they should have traded for Price.

  • eryk

    and dont get me started on his signings

    • Hogan

      Wow, we are only a few weeks into spring training…let’s give Garza a shot and see where these prospects are in a few years. Not saying that I love the trade, but young proven talent has to count for something.