This weekend, the Boston Globe suggested that the Chicago Cubs continued look at disgruntled Ranger Michael Young as a possible trade target, believing that Young would be an upgrade at second base over the anticipated Blake DeWitt/Jeff Baker platoon. I said then and will reiterate now: trading for Young is both highly unlikely and highly unpalatable. He’s set to make $48 million over the next three years, and the Rangers have suggested that, not only will they not eat much of that total in order to move Young, but they also want top young pitching talent in return. Neither suggestion makes Young any more attractive than he already isn’t – yes, isn’t: he does not produce outside of Arlington.

Last night, Phil Rogers tweeted the terrifying answer to just what the Rangers would have in mind by “top young pitching talent”: Andrew Cashner and/or Carlos Marmol. Naturally, some of that is Rogers doing his usual shooting from the hip when it comes to rumors; but he’s certainly right that the Rangers would ask for that caliber of talent in a Michael Young deal. If that’s not enough to make you run away screaming, allow me to reiterate Young’s road numbers: .279/.322/.411. That’s a .733 OPS. Care to pay through the nose in talent and cash to bring that to Wrigley?

For his part, Paul Sullivan also questions the likelihood of a Michael Young deal, but does go on to suggest that, if the Cubs remain displeased with Blake DeWitt’s performance, they may have to go outside of the organization to bring in a left-handed platoon-mate for Jeff Baker (DeWitt has an option left, so he can be sent to Iowa). Sullivan doesn’t suggest any names, but to my knowledge, the only left-handed hitting second baseman on the market right now is Luis Castillo – and the Cubs should want no part of his diminishing skill set.

  • jonathan

    i understand trading prospects for established players. but cashner will make the rotation next year or maybe this year. z and demps aren’t getting any younger and we need someone to replace them. do they really think this trade will push them over the top this year??

    • wax_eagle

      Gosh I hope not, if they do they might want to have their heads examined and their reality screws tightened…

  • jeff

    Cashner and Marmol???? What are those guys smoking down there in Texas? The Cubs would have to get a heck of a lot more than Michael Young for those two. I might consider trading those two to Texas, if they give back Ian Kinsler and Neftali Feliz, maybe.

    • Bric

      I don’t doubt that’s what the Rangers actually asked for in conversation so I don’t doubt either Rogers or Sullivan (or the Globe for that matter). What I do doubt is the real willingness from the Rangers management to trade him in the first place. Marmol and Cashner (and a few minor leaguers) could’ve gotten us Gonzalez. I don’t think the Rangers management is smokin anything. They’re just playing the same type of head games that Hendry does to his own fan base on a regular basis. Pathetic.

  • Jack Nugent

    Really the only way trading for Young makes any sense whatsoever is if the Rangers were to take on Alfonso Soriano’s contract in part of the exchange. It’s completely ridiculous to think that a player owed as much money as Young over the next three years could somehow yield them a guy like Andrew Cashner. I’m willing to be almost anything that that rumor is completely made up. No one in Texas is dumb enough to think that is a legitimate possibility, and no one with the Cubs could possibly be dumb enough to think it even resembles a good idea.

    • jeff

      Cashner is the guy Nolan Ryan has been asking for from the Cubs all along. Way back when the Cubs were trying to get Chris Davis and Darren O’Day, the Rangers wouldn’t come off asking for Cashner. Cubs sources say there is not a chance of Young coming to Chicago, so it’s all moot anyway.

  • http://None Blinda

    Let’s give them Samardzija he can be their closer

    • Ace

      If it were up to us like that, I’d rather force him to be the Cardinals’ closer…

  • Nunzio Iacampo

    I could not believe the amount of money thay Young will make in 3 years……He is good but that amount exceeds his talent……How much is Hamilton making? 80 million?

  • Nunzio Iacampo

    good for him