I do apologize if the headings to these split-squad days have giving you headaches, but, for whatever reason, they make me smile. No worries, though – today was the last split-squad day. And split it was, as the Cubs beat the A’s handily, but lost a close one to the Rockies. On to what matters…

I said it the last time they pitched, and I’ll say it again today: Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner should be this team’s 4th and 5th starters. Nothing they did today changes my mind.

  • Cashner had a good day, giving up one earned in 3.1 innings, walking three and allowing two hits. He struck out two, and, by all accounts, looked good.
  • Wells also had a good day in his longest outing of the Spring, going five innings, giving up three runs (two earned) on three hits and one walk. He also struck out two.
  • Justin Berg, who remains in competition for a bullpen spot, got an extended look today, going 1.2 innings. Unfortunately he gave up an earned run on a couple walks and a hit.
  • Speaking of pitchers, a number of the recently-cut youngsters were in action today, including Chris Carpenter, Kyle Smit, Trey McNutt and Robert Coello, and generally all pitched well.
  • Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters – also cut today – had nice games, punctuated by Jackson’s first homer of the Spring.
  • Fernando Perez went hitless and is doing little to run away with the competition that Reed Johnson is practically handing to him. I know it’s only the fifth outfielder spot, but the prospect of the “winner” being the one who sucks less is far from exciting.
  • Jeff Baker went 1-2, raising his Spring average to .400. Blake DeWitt, on the other hand, went 0-4, dropping his Spring average to just .176. Mike Quade would be pulling his hair out about second base if, well, you know. Scott Moore upped his Spring average to .367 with a 1.077 OPS, for what it’s worth.
  • Hey, guess what? Welington Castillo went 2-2 with a homer. Max Ramirez went 1-3 with an RBI. Koyie Hill went hitless. Again. Organization fail.
  • Ace’s future son

    Hey dad, Wells and Cashner do get the 4th and 5th spot!

    • Ace

      Thanks, Bertrand!

  • jeff

    Not only did Koyie HIll go hitless, he struck out on three pitches to end the game without even taking the bat off his shoulder. It’s like he knows how much he sucks and doesn’t care. Castillo not only homered, he doubled and drove in 3 runs.

    As much as I didn’t like reading it, I don’t like typing about here even less, but Quade says he is no closer to naming the 4th and 5th starters than he was at the start of camp, uh-oh.

    My new favorite underdog for a roster spot, Scott Moore also continued to swing the bat well. He bats left handed, can play second, and unlike DeWitt, can hit the ball(with some pop to boot) and fields at a major league level.

  • Larry

    Does DeWitt have any options left? s there any way that the Cubs can send him down? If for no other reason than he can’t hit and he can’t catch.

    • Hogan

      1 option left, I’ll keep my fingers crossed

    • Hogan

      1 option left, I’ll keep my fingers crossed but I won’t hold my breath.

  • PFK

    Make no mistake, the choice of who stays up or who goes down is all Hendry’s. Yes, he consults with Quade. Because it is Hendry’s decision, DeWitt will stay because it will reflect poorly on Hendry’s trade of LIlly and Theriot – although, at this point, how could it look any worse? Hill will stay and Castillo goes because it will make Hendry’s crazy signing of Hill look bad,- although, how could it look any worse? Samardzija stays because he is out of options (because was stupidly handled by Hendry) and because Hendry signed him for crazy money and he would look bad – although, how could he look any worse? Silva stays because it would make Hendry’s Bradley-then-Silva deal look bad – although, how could it look any worse? That said, Hendry is not a horrible GM, he’s just not good enough to get the Cubs to where they need to be. And he prolongs his mistakes.

    • Ace

      I don’t say things like “co-sign” or “+1,” but if I did, I would.

  • Willis

    With the right decisions this team could be good. Too bad those decisions, as pointed out, will be handled by Hendry and will be failures. Keeping Spellcheck and Silva on the roster just because they are owed money and out of options is a loser’s mentality. Same with Hill. What do we really lose if he is cut? Money? But think of what we will gain. A backup catcher that can actually swing it a bit. Being a Cub fan is frustrating at best.