In what was technically the second cut of the Spring, the Chicago Cubs
today shuffled loose 18 players, bringing the Spring roster down to

Among the cuts were pitching prospects Jay Jackson, Trey McNutt, Chris
Carpenter, Alberto Cabrera, Kyle Smit and Rafael Dolis. Though all
have potentially promising futures, none were expected to break camp
with the big club. The same goes for Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters,
who also got the axe.

Perhaps the only two players to be cut who had a chance of making the
Cubs out of Spring were pitchers Robert Coello and Thomas Diamond.
Coello, whom the Cubs acquired a few weeks ago for second base
prospect Tony Thomas, was impressive at times, but, with an option
available, it isn’t surprising to see him cut. Assuming he performs
well at AAA Iowa and stays healthy, he’ll be among the first guys
called upon should a need arise in the bullpen. As for Diamond, he was
never particularly impressive in his appearances with the Cubs last
year, so he’ll be stashed away in Iowa in the hopes that he’ll get
another shot down the line.

Jim Aducci, Steve Clevenger, Bryan LaHair, Lou Montanez, Scott Rice,
Chris Robinson, Marquez Smith, and Brad Snyder were also cut.

  • Curt

    I’m dissapointed that koyie hill won’t get cut does he have something on hendry r ricketts how can b this bad get a raise plus a spot on the team let this bum go please

    • Kenny L.

      Periods, commas, dictionaries. These things are all your friends.

      • PFK

        “Kenny L’s Neighborhood” Today’s show boys and girls is brought to you by the letter “C” as in comma…”

      • PFK

        “Dictionaries? We don’t need no stinking dictionaries.”

      • Ace

        Sorry, Curt, but that was funny.

  • jeff

    I thought Marquez Smith and LaHair had both been playing well and deserved longer looks, but none of these moves are surprising. Even with Ojeda sidelined.

    On a Koyie HIll note, Max Ramirez doesn’t have any options left, so if he doesn’t make the club, he is gone as well. If Quade is sold on “exhausting every option”, why isn’t Ramirez getting a longer look. ( I would cut both and give the backup spot to Castillo, but my opinion doesn’t matter)

    • Ace

      Good point about Ramirez. Hadn’t thought about it that way. He’s at least getting a closer look than Clevenger and Robinson.

  • Serio

    Ace we need a second basemen—-agree? Would it be a good idea to release that fat pile of shit Carlos Silva or trade him for Luis Castillo

    • Serio

      Oh and I’m just disappointed in Koyie Hill

    • Ace

      Ugh. Nah – Castillo, at this point, is no more worth a roster spot than is Silva.

  • Nick

    I’m guessing the reasoning behind Hill is the same as it was with Hank White…. veteran presence, clubhouse guy, solid defense….. could care less what he does at the plate. I think a good majority of backup catchers around the league fill that role.