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25 responses to “Why the 2011 Milwaukee Brewers Will Suck”

  1. jeff

    I know they are supposed to be improved, but is anyone taking this team that seriously? A couple of years ago they had CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets both pitching lights out and they still barely made the playoffs and got swept out of them. I will have to see it to believe it, I’ve seen to much recent Brewer history to anoint them. Like Ace says, Marcum and Grienke can only go so far to carry this team, they can’t pitch the 7th, 8th, and 9th every game. The bullpen has holes and the offense has consistency issues.

    Yup, they suck with a capital SUCK.

  2. veryzer

    The Brewers suck. The best part about banging Wisconsin women is that you get the cow AND the milk.

  3. jeff

    In related news, Shawn Marcum left the game today with tightness in his shouder. Suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

  4. PFK

    The Brewers are filled with copious amounts of sucklitude!

  5. Sooze

    Thanks for the link to Babes Love Baseball… we were not impressed that Greinke sucks at basketball.

  6. Joe Bu

    you cubs fans must enjoy wakeing up every morning with your heads planted firmly in your rear ends

  7. Joe Bu

    And feel free to make fun of Prince..knowing you are going to try desperately to get him when he is a free agent

  8. Your mom

    Looks like you were spot on with this prediction…moron!

  9. jake

    this just goes to show how stupid people can be. im sorry, if the brewers suck so bad… how did they do a hell of a lot better than your beloved cubs?! yeah, thats what i thought. go fuck yourself incoherent asshole.

    1. TWC

      Yeah!  You tell ‘em, Jake!  Way to stumble upon a 1 year old blog post and let ‘er rip.

      Dumbass Brewers fans…

  10. Keith Hagen

    The Brewers suck Shit! They will never go anywhere. They Suck Shit! Ron Renike sucks shit!

  11. Keith Hagen

    Fuck You sucky shit Milwaukee over paid fucking stupid no fan team. Fuck You Brewers! You can’t beet any quality team1

    1. Cubs Dude

      Thats intense dude. Very intense…