The Cubs blew a two-run 9th inning lead to lose to the A’s today, and I’ve got a smile on my face. Why? Because it’s Spring Training, folks. It sucks that it was Sean Marshall who blew it, but he’ll be fine. On to the stuff that matters…

  • John Grabow returned to action after more than two weeks on the shelf with shoulder soreness. He threw a scoreless inning, giving up one hit. His spot on the roster is not really in any jeopardy, so it would be nice if he continues to pitch like a guy who should make the roster regardless of his contract.
  • Fernando Perez got in enough time in left field to go 0-1 and make an error. Reed Johnson, on the other hand, came in late and hit a two-run homer. Today belonged to chin-fuzz.
  • Jeff Baker started at second and went 1-3. He was relieved late by Blake DeWitt, who went 0-1.
  • Darwin Barney came in late (sorry, it’s a theme today apparently) and walked in his only plate appearance. All in all, it was a pretty quiet day for the dudes competing for playing time/a roster spot.
  • rylan

    Augie Ojeda isn’t really injured. Just preparing himself on hitting the long ball for Big Z’s derby.

    • jeff

      Nice. I wonder if Rudy Jaramillo is going to be there yelling at Zambrano to stop trying to hit it over the scoreboard and hit line drives.

      • Bric

        Is it just me or is Jaramillo’s positive work in Texas starting to look more and more the product of a hitting friendly ball park and DH than really good coaching? Apart from Baker I haven’t seen any real upside in any of the players since he got here and a whole lot of downside in production from Sori, Aram, Lee, Fontenot and Theriot (when they were here), Fuk, almost the whole team is hitting worse now then two years ago. Another 15 or so mil well spent by Hendry. And I’m sure Jaramillo has a no trade clause as well.

    • Ace

      I know you’re joking, but… Ojeda isn’t really participating in Z’s HR derby, is he?

      • rylan

        To be completely honest with you, I’m not sure…but I thought I saw his name in that article.