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12 responses to “Darwin Barney and Reed Johnson “Pulling Away” in Bench Competition?”

  1. wax_eagle

    While I would rather see Perez make the team, I understand the logic of keeping Johnson. If he performs he is probably more valuable this year. However, if he doesn’t he can be released and Perez can be called up with not much lost in organizational value.

  2. jeff

    I would definitely rather see Perez stick, not only for his speed, his range in the outfield adds a dimension defensively they don’t currently have with any of the four regular outfielders. The veteran presence, steady play advantage of Reed Johnson is the same reason we are gong to be stuck with Koyie Hill, and is the only reason Augie Ojeda was brought to camp in the first place. How many of these guys do we need on the team?

    1. wax_eagle

      0. Johnson can still swing the bat a little bit though. Something we don’t have this year is a solid bench bat when Colvin is starting. Reed although he doesn’t have a lot of pop is a better offensive option than anyone else with the possible exception of Moore.

  3. Hogan

    I don’t think that the difference in thier bats is big enough to ignore Reed’s lack of speed, and injury history. Am I the only one who seems to remember “chronic back spasms sidelining him for significant time both years as a cub? Besides, I agree with Jeff, we have enough underachieving “clubhouse guys.”

  4. PFK

    I just read Phil Rogers’ “Morning Phil” and I think the guy has totally lost it. Go read it and weigh in. His thoughts and comments made no sense whatsoever.

  5. greg

    What about Luis Castillo? Any chance?

    1. PFK

      Castillo? Talk about a washed up veteran who can’t stay healthy and has a bad attitude – yikes!

      1. greg

        So he fits right in!

  6. Sean

    Go Barney! It can’t hurt to have his character in the clubhouse.