Buried among the notes about Carlos Silva’s crappy outing yesterday (and the Cubs’ overall poor performance), Mike Quade let something that may be pretty important slip:

“I think, right now, we look at [Silva] as a starter,” Quade said yesterday. “That’s the only way we look at him. I think he could [pitch out ofthe bullpen] if we needed him to, but I don’t think that’s worth addressing now. This guy is trying to be in our rotation, and I think we should look at it that way specifically. The kids are a different story.”

Silva currently sports a 15.88 ERA in 11.1 innings of work this Spring, and has not once looked like a capable starter. If the bullpen is not an option for Silva, it’s very hard to imagine him breaking camp with the Cubs. Unless he is absolutely perfect in his final two Spring starts – and even then it will take some major spin – it’s nearly impossible to imagine the Cubs announcing him as the fifth starter.

But then again, when it comes to poor roster decisions, this is a team that routinely makes the impossible actual.

There are many possible explanations for the quote, but the one that keeps coming back to me is that Quade doesn’t want Silva in his bullpen. He’s sending a message to the front office: if Carlos Silva doesn’t pitch his way into the rotation (and he won’t), do not force me to keep this guy on my squad.

  • Art

    people always knock Barney’s bat. many guys did average in the minors and better in the majors. no one knows what Barney will do up here unless he’s given a chance. let’s be honest, he’s the best this spring of what you have. the others are proven bench at best players.

    I’m one of a few who said Castro should have started from day 1 last year over Theriot. most said “he only has a few games of AA”. after last year these same people say he may hit 10 homers per year at best. I say he’ll hit more than Fukudome.

    point is minor league numbers don’t always speak the truth. people are making him a bench guy cause of
    A. he plays SS
    B. his minor league numbers

    he may not be a HOF player, but he’s better than Baker, DeWitt, and Augie. he may not be a HOF player, but he’s better than Baker, DeWitt, and Augie. to me if Quade is the fair manager the Cubs make him out to be, he’d make him the starter, period. and not for 5-6 games.

    remember Banks, Aaron were never home run hitters till they hit the majors.