Today’s game was light on the roster competitors, but one guy really stood out.┬áRandy Wells was not only excellent today, but he was excellent after some troubles in the first inning. If you’ll recall Wells’ troubles last year, they were almost exclusively early – so this was a good sign. He’s officially (ok, well, not “officially”) the Cubs’ fourth starter. You’ll note that his start today followed Matt Garza, who followed Carlos Zambrano, who followed Ryan Dempster. And who goes tomorrow? Andrew Cashner. Just saying, it might be a good time to enter the Opening Day Contest (win $50)…

  • Koyie Hill went 0-3 while Welington Castillo went 1-2 with an RBI. But you probably knew that without me telling you.
  • Bobby Scales continues to have a nice Spring without much to hope for. He went 2-4, scoring once and driving one in.
  • Ditto Scott Moore who had a double and a walk in four plate appearances. He also had a run and an RBI.
  • John Grabow had his second consecutive successful outing after returning from shoulder soreness. He gave up a hit and struck out one in a scoreless frame.


  • Dingo

    Castillo also won the game for ’em, driving in the winning run. Max Ramirez had a walk the previous at bat and played 1B.

  • jstraw

    Castillo played some excellent defense too. He should break camp with the club, not Hill.

    • Ace

      That’s the funny thing – Castillo’s calling card before his break-out offensive season in 2009 was his defense.

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    There’s kind of a tough question I was just asking myself… Who would you guys rather see the Cubs release before the season starts, Koyie Hill or Carlos Silva? (Not saying that one or the other will actually be released. Just hypothetically speaking of course.)

    Im not sure who I dislike more… Who will pull the Cubs down more…

    The more Im thinking, the more I think I would rather see Hill go because this is just the way he is. He isnt going to get any better and can only get worse if his defense slips at all. Silva could potentially return to his early 2010 form, though I truly don’t believe that will happen AT ALL. Its like, 0% chance that Hill will be productive and a 5% chance that Silva will be productive. I don’t like Silva and don’t think he is worth a rotation spot, though he could maybe possibly be somewhat decent to have in the pen. Whereas Koyie Hill is just a Nowhere Man… Sitting in his Nowhere Land, making all his nowhere plans for nobody. (In terms of his playing ability, not as a person.)

    • Ace

      Silva could definitely do more harm than Hill, but he also has a slightly greater chance of being productive. Great question – but I’d go with Silva. Too much risk at too valuable a position.

  • art

    Hill’s defense doesn’t warrant a spot on the team. we’re not talking about a gold glove type of catcher here. this is hendry’s move, and I understand that Castillo has to play everyday. I’d play him at 3B, 1B, and some OF to get him some games and release Hill. and again, I’d give 2B to Barney.

    • Ace

      At least Castillo would be called up, and would probably start more than Hill, if Soto went down with an injury.

  • Derrick

    Koyie Hill is an awful Baseball player and no matter how cash Hendry gave this guy he should not be a major league baseball team. Castillo has options ok send him down maybe I’d like to Ramirez get a shot. He’ll provide some pop off the bench.


    • Ace

      Hill has just one more hit than you this Spring.

      • Bric

        Ricketts had better be very careful with how Hendry manages the last week of ST. Hendry’s record after 10 years speaks for itself (some of us hate him, some love him, and most are in between). But Ricketts reputation hasn’t developed yet. If he allows Silva and Hill to make the roster despite being outplayed by virtually everyone in the stadium (including the vendors hawking their hot dogs) he will’ve sent the message that it’s all about the money and covering your ass. This attitude is fine, this is America afterall, but don’t then try to give me this shit that it’s all about winning and we know more than you do and we’re just Cub fans like everybody else.

        • Ace

          Especially given the Mets’ twin moves in releasing Castillo and Ollie Perez. That said, there are scenarios where I could see keeping Hill and Silva to start the season wouldn’t be absolutely crazy (assuming they have very short leashes, and are quickly replaced by players with options if they struggle).

          • jeff

            SIlva is carrying a + 15 ERA this spring, with a WHIP of 2.74, and you don’t even need to see the stats to see how awful this guy is. If he had any kind of value as trade bait, the teams that were scouting him really couldn’t be interested any more, and if they are, they would be smart to wait for his eventual release and not worry about his heavy contract or giving up anyone of any sort of value to acquire him. I don’t see any scenarios that wouldn’t be crazy for Silva to be on the opening day roster outside of a serious run of injuries. Even if that happened, one of the guys scheduled to start at Iowa would be a better option than Silva.

            • Ace

              You know I’m not defending Silva or keeping Silva. I’ve been on the dump Silva bandwagon since wheels were invented (see, e.g., my back and forth in the comments a couple weeks ago with a dude who contended that Silva was worth keeping – it was all kinds of statistical fun). But, given his first half performance last year and his prior success as a reliever, it is not beyond the realm of comprehensible that (a) he could make for a league average reliever, or (b) some team would be willing to take on $1 million or so of his salary.

              Again, to be clear: my vote is to release him and move on. But if the Cubs don’t do that, I won’t be shocked. They can keep him for now and then release him in a few weeks as a last resort.