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21 responses to “Write a Ridiculous Letter, Get Published in the Chicago Tribune”

  1. Jared

    So, then, what’s his reasoning for the Pirates and Royals being perennial losers? What a ridiculous letter.

  2. veryzer

    The letter is terrible and the Tribune is terrible…..but Cubs has to be one of the worst names in sports, right alongside the (former) Expes, the Metropolitans, the Athletics, and the Trolley Dodgers. Not to mention any of the Sox.

    I’m all for chjanging the name, not because I think it will make the team better, but because the name sucks.

    1. veryzer

      Expes = Expos. Sorry, too much crack last night.

  3. TWC

    Actually, I thing Rich in Downers is on to something:

    What’s in a name, really? Rearrange the letters in “Bleacher Nation” and you get “A Oriental Bench”, which sounds pretty wimpy to me. Seriously, Ace, you think you’d have half the traffic if this site was named “A Oriental Bench”? What about “Hetero Cannibal”?

    Of course, as long as you’re annagramming, rearranging “Bleacher Nation” also yields you “Banal Erotic Hen” and “Anal Boner Ethic”, which might indeed drive up the site visits.

    Just a thought.

    1. Bric

      Cassic! Let me try a couple:

      How about: “A Latin Boner” (in honor of Sosa)

      “Clean in the Rabo” (as in- “She couldn’t have got it from me, man… I’m clean in the Rabo”)

      Last one: “A cat in her Noblee” (as in- “Holy crap! That chick’s got a cat in her Noblee!”)

  4. savant

    Anal Boner Ethic is without a doubt the funniest thing I have ever seen on the internet.

  5. funkster

    This actually not the first time some dope has said this. I’ve read this ridiculous idea elsewhere, so the worst part is Rich is ripping off someone else’s moronic idea.

  6. jstraw

    Ace, I know a lot about how a newsroom functions and how letters are selected. This letter was selected because it’s ridiculous and incendiary. It was selected so that you would blog about it and I would comment about it. Nothing matters but eyeballs.

  7. Cardfan

    I couldn’t “bear” you to be anything but the sweet, lovable, timid, docile cubbies!