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5 responses to “Jeff Baker Wants to Be the Full-Time Starter at Second Base”

  1. jonathan

    3 utility men competing for the same starting job. thats never a good sign. in the world of the blind, the one eyed man in king.

    1. Serio


  2. ramy16

    whats going on serio! i see the rangers are going to eat half of michael youngs contract..ya think we should go get him??

  3. eryk

    I think if Barney continues a great spring he should get the job. He was in camp Colvin which may of helped him turn a stone in his career and get his offense rolling. Along with that he is a good defensive infielder and that fact that he has taken to Rudy Jaramillo is nothing but a good sign. Also, he still has room to grow.

    1. veryzer

      I turned a stone once. Hurt like a bitch.