There was no official game today; the rain saw to that. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t something to see. Namely, in his chance to nail down the final rotation spot, Andrew Cashner looked like a young man trying to nail down a rotation spot – in three innings of work, he gave up seven hits, two walks, and four earned runs. His fastball had no movement and way too much of the plate. Worst of all? By the second time through the lineup, he was pitching to a minor league roster. He remains my choice for the five spot, but his position as a starter is now insecure.

  • The only bullet of the day: Jeff Baker, playing third, and Darwin Barney, playing second, each went 0-2 on a day when the rest of the lineup was teeing off. I don’t think today’s non-game will stand for much, so whateves. Blake DeWitt’s position and roster spot remain very much in jeopardy.

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