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6 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Sigh, Another Michael Young Rumor”

  1. Art

    yes, but the Cubs will say “we have Jaramillo”. and of course he’d be coming to the weak NL where there is no pitching. enough of the Young rumors. as for Silva, Cubs want him to be the 5th starter, play the kids.

  2. jeff

    The Rangers want Cashner and I’m pretty sure they won’t back off that. I think Hendry knows he’s traded enough prospects already and likes Cashner enough to make sure he gets an opportunity to pan out in a Cubs uniform.

    Ace, that does sound like a Hendry soundbite doesn’t it?

  3. veryzer

    I’d actually be happy with acquiring Young. But only if he’s for free.

  4. KB

    Trading Cashner for Young would be such stunning idiocy that it’s almost unfathomable.
    That’s why JH might do it.

  5. ramy16

    i think the cubs should try to pick up eric chavez from the yankees…a great back up for aramis ramirez…and guess what?? he can play a little 2nd base!!!