When is a win not a win? I think you know where this is going…

  • So Carlos Silva decided to have his best Spring outing at the worst possible time. Six innings, just three hits, one earned, and three Ks. Does that win him the fifth starter spot? Eh. When combined with Andrew Cashner’s inability to get stretched out? Probably. At least for the first few weeks of the season. All the folks betting on Cashner might come up losers. If Silva does win the job, I am not going to complain too outwardly to start. But if he has more than one – yes, just one – crap outing in April, it’s game over. He should be gone.
  • Casey Coleman reminded folks that he still wouldn’t mind a job in the big league pen, throwing a scoreless inning. Ditto Marcos Mateo. The fact that these two survived today’s bullpen cuts suggests they are very much in the running for the final bullpen spot.
  • Reed Johnson solidified his hold on the fifth outfielder spot with a 2-4 day, while Fernando Perez went 0-fer again.
  • Most interesting bit of news, outside of the Silva stuff, was Geovany Soto batting fifth – ahead of Alfonso Soriano. Very interesting (and laudable), indeed.


  • Joe

    Agreed! I’m honestly rooting for Silva — I don’t think that 8-0 start with such a crappy team as we had last year can be ignored, though health problems and overall performance history don’t bode well — and it’s a pretty clear business move to keep him around. I hope he pitches a solid April, maybe May, then gets moved as part of a deal to cut payroll, etc.

    • ed

      You’re a glass is half full type aren’t you?

  • greg

    Why isn’t Coleman getting a rotation shot? He did fairly well at the end of last season IIRC

  • Serio

    OK I’m going to say something If you like it, you can take it, if you don’t, send it right back Is there a chance the Cubs would be willing to trade Soto for a 2b…maybe a 2B prospect that could be a Cub for a long time maybe??

    • Raymond Robert Koenig

      The latest rumor has it that the Cubs are “looking” at Michael Young. Still.

    • Ace

      It would have to be a tip-top, absolutely sure thing, cost-controlled 2B. In other words – it ain’t likely. Soto is a proven commodity (and a very valuable one at that). Castillo, for all his ST wonder, is not yet proven. It would be a huge risk to move Soto and count on Castillo.

    • jeff

      I don’t think it’s a good idea, if only because I’m sure Quade would start Koyie HIll at catcher afterwards. If I was going to make a deal, I might consider the Red Sox, they need a catcher and I think Jed Lowrie could play second at Wrigley.

  • Serio

    Well Raymond Robert Koenig what do you think of a trading Soto for a long term 2B

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    I’d consider it.

  • Dave

    I hope nobody makes too much of Silva having one good outing, you know whay they say about blind squirrel after all…..

  • roughriider

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The ideal situation would be for Silva to pitch well in April and get any percieved value up so a decent trade can be made. Let Cashner get streched out in Iowa for a few starts. I realize it’s the same as a “Hail Mary” but, if Silva can pitch the way he did in the first half last year, they may be able to unload his contract and pick up a prospect and Cashner gets the starts he needs to prepare ala Kerry Wood his rookie season.