According to multiple reports (still waiting on the official release from the Cubs – but, hey, nowadays, you wait, you get burned), the Cubs today sent outfielder Fernando Perez to AAA Iowa, and reassigned utility men Scott Moore, Bobby Scales, Augie Ojeda and Matt Camp to minor league camp.

The obvious implications, none of which were not expected:

(1) Reed Johnson will make the 25-man roster as the fifth outfielder. Should he stumble, Perez will be waiting.

(2) Blake DeWitt will make the 25-man roster. His role remains undetermined.

(3) Darwin Barney will make the 25-man roster. His role remains undetermined, but, at a minimum, will include being the primary backup at shortstop.

One other noteworthy piece: all three prospective backup catchers – Koyie Hill, Welington Castillo, and Max Ramirez – remain in camp. But calm yourself: Ramirez is not expected to win the job, however, after a recent wrist MRI, and the Cubs are expected to prefer Castillo getting regular starts at AAA Iowa.

  • Hogan

    I am a little torn on implication #2. I really like Baker’s bat coming off of the bench (been pretty clutch since coming to the Cubs), but I don’t know if it’s worth having DeWitt getting the majority of the swings.

    • jeff

      I think Baker will end up starting most of the time. It’s about time he got a full season and not just a platoon. I think as the season goes, Barney will backup short and second, and DeWitt will backup the corners, but all three will get shuffled in and out of the lineup. The same thing as the outfield, again…….

      The only real issue I have with Quade is Koyie Hill, and that might end up being Jim Hendry’s mess anyway. He juggles his lineups a lot, but that’s probably a necessary evil with the inconsistent Cubs hitters. I think he’s making some pretty good decisions and running a more relaxed ship, which seems to fit the teams attitude better. Now we just have to figure out how to beat the Pirates and we are all set.

  • VanSlaw

    I wonder if Matt Camp will be required to go to Camp Campington?

    • Ace


  • Bric

    We all heard that Hendry and Quade had a few differences of opinion regarding the line up. So typical of Hendry. Most other teams’ GMs provide the players and the coach decides who makes the team, plays when and where, and how often. Not Hendry. I thought immediately when Quade got a management job finally, it was more because Hendry thought he could control him than he was the best candidate for it. In any case, I’d be curious if everyone else agrees that the players argued over were DeWitt, Hill, and Silva (and all because Hendry aquired them or overpaid them). Because Quade owes him one for the job we’re stuck with these a-holes for April (the most important month).

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Russell’s getting tagged by the White Sox.

    • Ace

      Probably tough to start to get semi-stretched out, and then boom, back to the bullpen – but, still, not a good showing. It’s not time to say I-told-you-so to Mike Quade re: Scott Maine yet, but it could be soon.

      • Hogan

        I don’t get why they don’t send him to AAA to get streched out and see if he can handle the load. I thought he was the only viable lefty who can start, and is anywhere near ready, wasn’t he?

        • Ace

          I suspect that they realized he just wasn’t going to be an effective big league starter; and he showed last year the potential to be an effective big league reliever.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Castro goes up 2-0 in the count with 1 out and the bases loaded. RBI? No. Strikes out on ball 4 with a full count.

    • Ace

      Maybe he was working on his full-count, bases-loaded, out-of-the-zone swing. It is Spring Training, after all.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Sorry. Got a little carried away. Hate to see batters waste at-bats.