BOOM: Andrew Cashner the Fifth Starter, Marcos Mateo in the Pen, Whither Carlos Silva?

After swirling and conflicting reports yesterday with respect to the final makeup of the Chicago Cubs’ pitching staff, the verdict is in: Andrew Cashner will open the season as the Cubs’ fifth starter, and Marcos Mateo – not Carlos Silva – will grab the final bullpen spot.

What this means for Silva remains to be seen, but, according to Carrie Muskat, the Cubs intend to trade Silva. If that’s not possible, they’ll ask Silva to accept an assignment to AAA Iowa where he will serve as insurance.

As for Cashner, the Cubs have wanted him to grab the fifth starter spot all Spring, and if he’s going to be the guy, I’m quite pleased they announced it before his start today, so he can work on whatever he deems most important (rather than try to perform his best).

Mateo, who turns 27 in a couple weeks, has been impressive this Spring (though mostly in late innings against minor leaguers), holding a 1.29 ERA over seven innings. He’s allowed just six baserunners and struck out nine.

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23 responses to “BOOM: Andrew Cashner the Fifth Starter, Marcos Mateo in the Pen, Whither Carlos Silva?”

  1. greg

    Woohoo! Cubs making a roster decision not motivated by salary!

  2. jstraw

    Ok, so maybe Hendry still has a firing synapse.

  3. TWC

    What the…? Did the Cubs just get some sanity?

    Amazing. I’m not sure what team this is anymore…

  4. Bric

    I still think the Yanks will take him if the Cubs eat four of the eight mil remaining on his contract. If so, maybe Hendry could get a kid named Shane Brown from them (and my old college UCF). He hasn’t done anything in the minors yet but he pounded the ball in school and plays excellent defense. Just hopin’.

    1. jstraw

      Getting anything for him would be fine. I don’t think the Cubs even owe Silva all the rest of his money. Seattle’s still paying a chunk of it, aren’t they?

  5. Steve

    Pleasantly surprised. But…..I can see Silva adopting a VERY bad attitude, and very quickly. If his off-season prediction of a rotation spot is any indication, he is going to very hard to live with. Iowa? I really can’t see him heading to AAA with any semblance of the happy camper mindset. It’s also a little troubling that we haven’t heard from Silva, yet. I sense so very measured words will be forthcoming.

  6. Larry

    If the Cubs can’t trade him (which is be a real possibility) and Silva refuses to go to Iowa, couldn’t the Cubs put him on the restricted list? Rather than releasing him and letting sit on his fat butt and collect a huge pay check, make him come and clean the stadium or scrub out the locker rooms to get his money. If he wants to act like a jerk make him earn his $$$. I know it will never happen, but his attitude, especially after having had 3 really poor seasons in the past 4 years, is inexplicable. If he were as good as he thinks he is, he would be much better than a career 500 pitcher.

    1. BT

      I don’t think so. I think it’s his right to refuse an assignment to AAA. The collective bargaining rules mandate that the Cubs release him if he refuses assignment.

  7. Steve

    Thanks, Ace. But, I’m sure a lot of folks saw this coming. For my money, I think Silva did, too. A lot of times, people believe they can make things happen if they keep repeating the same phrases over, and over. Silva isn’t stupid, just stubborn. I think he saw the writing on the wall. He kept telling us all that he was a rotation lock. I think he eventually started buying into his own bullshit. His problem now? Finding work. There will be no trade partner. His release is eminent. Although, Ol’ Jimmy found a sucker to take on Milton Bradley. Anything is possible.

  8. Dave

    I have this unsettling feeling that one of the disagreements was Hendry wanting to dump Silva and Quade wanting to keep him.

  9. ramy16

    whats up with max ramirez?? hes truly out hit and put performed koyie hill!! i say the cubs send hill down to aaa iowa where he can learn how to hit…i love wellington castillo as well…but max ramirez has showed he belongs on this roster! as far as silva goes…hes washed up!.. i hope we can get something out of him…well see