The Chicago Cubs just did what most of us have been expecting/hoping for/dreaming of for about seven months: they released Carlos Silva.

It was clear that there was not going to be a trade partner, particularly after his recent rant against the organization. When Silva was informed of the roster decision, he took a shot at pitching coach Mark Riggins, and criticized the organization for what he considered a farcical fifth starter competition. Would you make a trade offer knowing that the guy was sure to be released?

The Cubs will be responsible for the $11.5 million remaining on his contract (less $6 million they received from the Mariners last year, and less the Major League minimum if another team signs him). I say kudos to the organization for having the balls to recognize a sunk cost, and drop the dead weight. And I say kudos to me for avoiding the obvious weight joke.

With Silva’s departure, the long, sordid saga that began with the improvident Milton Bradley signing is at a close. Silva did more for the Cubs in 2010 than Bradley did for the Mariners in 2010 after the teams swapped the two malcontents, but ultimately, both proved to be so harmful off the field that carrying them on the field was no longer an option. Time to learn from mistakes made.

And, as I said before, Carlos: please, let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Keith

    That calls for a nice, cool Budweiser!

  • Bric

    If there’s a lesson to be learned it’s don’t listen to Hendry. Rickets should deduct the 11 mil from his salary considering everyone in the Cubs nation (except Bruce Levine) knew the Bradley signing was the worst mistake made by anyone in baseball. Especially when he bid against himself – 30 mil for 3 years when the next closest offer was 2 years and 17 mil. What a rocket scientist.

  • Jeff

    It’s funny how p.o.’d I was when he signed Bradley all the way up until he traded for Silva and got the M’s to eat most of Silva’s salary. Then Silva pitched halfway decent, some even praised Hendry for acquiring Silva. Then Silva pitched like himself, his health caught up to him, and then he blew up this spring. Now when Hendry cuts Silva today, we are all so pleased that Cashner got the fifth spot and Silva got the door, that Hendry has almost lost some of the heat he was getting for signing Bradley or thinking that acquiring another ticking time bomb named Carlos was a good idea in the first place. This guy is good, we may never get him to leave.

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    Some great/interesting quotes from Quade and Hendry off of the Cubs website from an article by Carrie Muskat…

    “Obviously, we’re dealing with a man that at this particular point in his career is not willing to face the facts that what he’s done the last years — except for a two-month period — is well below Major League standards,” Hendry said.

    Exactly! And a bit of a surprising quote from Quade…

    “If you’re not willing to give [respect], you’re not going to get it,” Quade said, adding, “whether he was upset at Riggs or whatever, the one thing that everybody needs to know, this was my call. This wasn’t Jim Hendry’s. If you want to be irritated with somebody, this is on me.”

    I wouldn’t have expected that Quade was the one who decided to drop Silva.

    • Ace

      Good for Quade.

  • Steve

    Ol’ Jimmy had some very harsh words for Silva. They really had the tone of “Boy. I’ve been waiting to say this for a while”.

    • Ace

      Indeed – and they sounded very familiar. I’ll be posting something about it soon.