Warning: This post is entirely meta. So, if you’re looking for a post involving actual Chicago Cubs-specific content, you may want to skip this one.

There’ve been quite a few ripples in the Cublogoverse over the past few months, most of which have gone unreported by yours truly. Sorry about that. I’d always intended on doing so, but things have a way of playing out in ways completely unrelated to what you intended. So it was with this feature.

That said, there is some relatively big news happening today in the Cublogoverse that I couldn’t forget to mention. Several of what I consider to be the best Cubs blogs out there – Another Cubs Blog, And Counting, Tales from Aisle 424 – have consolidated to form a superblog: Obstructed View. The component blogs will essentially cease to exist (at least in the form of active Cubs blogs), and you’ll have to get your fill at the new digs. It’s definitely worth checking out.

It’s always a delicate enterprise, discussing other Cubs blogs. We are, at bottom, competitors. No one really likes to say that, of course, because most of us are friendly and share mutual respect. But the Cubs’ corner of the Internet is a profoundly crowded space, and we’re all competing for you. Your eyes. Your return visit. Your trust and belief that *this* is the best place for you to get your Cubs news, rumors, analysis, and (usually) shared misery. Sure, it’s entirely possible that you will frequent many Cubs blogs – but hell if I want to be the guy that tips you off to what might be a better place to spend your time.

So, if you look closely, and read between lines that none of us want to write, you’ll see that Cubs blogs tend to cluster together in groups among which they share the love – and in favor of which they eschew all others. I try to send out my love equally and in all directions (among quality sites, at least), but lately, “equal” has meant “none for anyone.”

I’d like to believe that failing has been mostly a product of time – there are, after all, only so many articles I can find time to write. But if I’m being completely honest, I’m sure at least some part of it is driven by that “competition” thing. I’ve made no secret that this site has grown at an impressive pace (I’m nothing if not modest). What was once a fun side project is now a kind of job. A job in which I now feel two responsibilities: (1) providing the best possible content to the thousands of you that come here every day (see how I just tooted my own horn again? Like I said: modest); and (2) doing everything I can to ensure that the thousands of you that come here every day keep coming here every day. Because of the second one, I feel the unkind urge to hoard.

And that’s not cool.

If I truly believe that BN exists to provide you with valuable content, then I should conclude two things: (1) you’ll come back, even if you discover another great Cubs site; and (2) I should alert you to other great Cubs sites if I feel like they provide valuable content.

That is all one long way of saying: check out Obstructed View. Based on the component blogs, I have no doubt that OV will provide you with valuable content. As a Cubs fan, myself, I know it will provide me with valuable content.

But, um, like, please come back, ok?

  • PFK

    There’s always room for quality and a die-hard Cub fan can never get enough information that might lead him to believe that this is The Year. That said, I LOVE BN. I just went and visited Obstructed View and 1) I felt horribly out of place, 2) disloyal and 3) happy when I returned to the BN site. Ahhhhh, feels good to be back here!

    • Ace

      Thanks, PFK. And we love you.

      Believe me, we’ve looked around for better commenters…

  • http://mackintoshfuntime.wordpress.com BJ Wanlund

    Being a blogger myself and a lifelong diehard Cubs Fan, the fact that there are never enough blogs to read, and never enough information that can be gleaned about any given subject rings truer every day. I’ll definitely check it out for sure.


  • Bric

    WOW! A superblog! It’s like the Deathstar.
    But can they claim a heated dispute with a minor league outfielder named Perez like you can, Ace? I thought not. BN still rocks. And Hendry still sucks (sorry, had to get that one in).

    • Ace

      Ha, thanks Bric. If nothing else, I’m good at pissing people off.

      • jstraw

        Seriously. I’m a little annoyed just reading this.

        • Ace

          Touche, douche.

  • Dave

    I refuse to acknowledge the existence of any website other than BN.

    • Ace

      I invented the Internet.

      • Dave

        BN is great for sports, weather and the news, but the porn selection leaves a lot to be desired. A little awks at times.

        • Ace

          Like I told you from the beginning: if you aren’t into one-armed, Vietnamese men, this ain’t your site.

  • curt

    ace i have been 2 many of those other sites and i find while interesting on occassion i keep coming back 2 this site mostly because its accurate and that i can tell yr genuine cub fan who knows what cub fans go through for this team but also because yr honest if the cubs stink you dont sugarcoat it just because yr a cubs fan but if they deserve a pat on the back u give them that to, so keep up the good work man. on a side note did anyone see that pos mike schmidt the other day on tv when asked about santo he said he was the brooks robinson of the national league this is the same mike schmidet a few yrs ago who couldnt be bothered 2 send his vote in when santo still had a chance what a jerk

    • Ace

      Yeah, pretty douchey on Schmidt’s part – but we knew that’s exactly what all these phonies would do once Ronnie passed on.

  • necubsfan

    There are other Cubs blogs?

  • KB

    Ace, I keep coming back here because:
    1-I know you, and I know how big a Cub fan you are.
    2-You’re quite even and fair. Some sites are helmed by such blatant homers, that it’s like listening to Hawk Harrelson call a ballgame.
    3-I’ve met you, and you’re a cool guy.

    Continue writing balanced articles, angering new Cubs, and keeping up the hope that this will indeed finally be” this year.”

    • Ace

      Thanks, Kabes.

  • Dingo

    I come back Ace as I can always count on you for a reach around…

    • Ace

      I have the longest arms in the universe.

  • http://www.frenchrocks.net Ian Afterbirth

    Yours is the ONLY cublog I follow.
    Living in Vermont (born and raised in Chicago) with no internet (save for this cafe), no TV, no nuthin, I check the Trib page then come here for info the way I like to receive it – with passion, wit, humility, thoughtfulness, hope, cynicism, and other words which I can’t spell.

    • Bric

      In understand that you live in Vermont, but what year do you live in, 1875? No TV or internet? I feel for you. I’ll text you with regular updates. What’s the number of your soup can? Just playin’. Go Cubs.

    • Ace

      Thanks, Ian (interesting last name you got there). And in case you ever lose Internet access in the cafe, we will soon be available by messenger pigeon.

  • http://www.frenchrocks.net Ian Afterbirth

    Btw, I named my son Waveland Sheffield (I shall refrain from using our last name).

  • wax_eagle


    I will keep coming back because this is one of the few Cubs sites I can access from work…OV is available for the moment, but if it goes away I will always have your site…I hope….

    • Ace

      Thanks, wax. I can only assume, therefore, that BN is the best of a bunch of boring options. :)

  • http://karenscubsblog.blogspot.com/ Karen P

    As a Cubs blogger myself (and avid fan), I really appreciate Bleacher Nation. You offer an amusing, witty criticism of the team when appropriate and are very timely with your updates, which is really impressive, actually. I do occasionally follow other blogs and check in to see what they’re saying, but outside of Cubs.com and Muskat Ramblings, I find myself using Bleacher Nation more than just about any other blog, so I will definitely continue to check back here. :)

    • Ace

      Well thanks, Karen. And I will have to be checking out your blog as well.