Inasmuch as one can be excited about back-up-back-up catchers making it through waivers so that they can struggle to find playing time at AAA, I’m pretty excited. Today, Max Ramirez cleared waivers, and the Chicago Cubs outrighted him to AAA Iowa. Ramirez will split time behind the plate with Welington Castillo (you know, that other guy that isn’t Koyie Hill), and will probably pick up some at bats at first base, when possible.

Being able to keep Ramirez gives the Cubs options should Koyie Hill prove to be an ineffective back-up catcher (insert question about how much “proof” is necessary) or if there’s an injury to Hill or starter Geovany Soto. Ramirez’s presence would allow the Cubs to continue starting Castillo at AAA, should they so desire.

He could also prove a semi-valuable trading chip if his bat does enough at AAA, and enough catching-deprived teams get desperate.

  • Cheryl

    Give his wrist some time to heal and see what he can do. Hope that first base is an option where he can tear things up. If he rebounds, he could be valuable.

    • Ace

      Nice insurance policy to have.

  • Hogan

    I thought I remembered there being issues with his defense when the rangers let him go. I agree that we need someone with a better bat than Hill, but a back up catcher is usualy relied on for defense and a veteran, especially with young catchers. But still, the bat would be nice.

  • http://None Blinda

    I cant believe he cleared i would have bet for sure he would have been claimed with all the catching problems around the major leagues

    • Ace

      Agreed. I have to wonder if his wrist issues are the reason.

  • Cheryl

    I can’t believe he cleared either. Someone said there is an unspoken agreement among General Managers not to claim someone sent down for an injury. Maybe he wasn’t claimed because of that.

  • http://bleachernation ramy16

    thank the lord! its really sad to see a person work really hard as well as max ramirez did and earn a spot only to see koyie hill suck hendry off to stay on the team..what did he bat for spring training?? wasnt it like a desmal .100…my daughter whos and all star in softball yes my daughter is batting .285..and yes its fast pitch…i dont get i hope max definately gets the call up!

  • Peter Kempf

    So, this is what it is to be a Cubs fan? Worrying about a back- up to a back -up catcher who, thankfully, cleared waivers? Meanwhile, the Yankees worry about Jeter’s 3,000th hit and whether A Rod will be MVP. The Red Sox worry about whether Gonzales will hit 40 or 50 home runs at Fenway and the Phillies wonder which of their starters will win the Cy Young award. I relish the day when we too can wonder about what winning organizations worry about. Sigh.

    • Odd

      You are very naive, my friend.

      • pfk

        Apparently you have had humor bypass surgery.