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36 responses to “Why the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals Will Suck”

  1. TWC

    I really hope the first pitch Theriot sees from a Cubs pitcher this year ends up four inches deep into his kidneys.

    1. Sam

      It will.

  2. Kenny L.

    Mechanical bulls of doom. Love it.

  3. The Saint Louis Cardinals

    [...] Why the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals Will Suck | Bleacher Nation … Editor's Note: Yes, it's that time of year again – the time for us to settle back into our protective bubble where the Chicago Cubs are destined for greatness, [...]

  4. Sketch


  5. ramy16

    freaking pretty boy…they traded brendan ryan to get theriot from the dodgers…ryan has better range and better glove than theriot..i hope he gets drilled too…especially from marmol…but we all know theriot cant hit marmol’s slider…its sooo nasty! right mlb network raves that marmol has the best slider in the game!

  6. Cards Fan

    HA!!! How do you like us now??!! World Series 2011 bound….and the cubbies are where? LOL EAT IT

  7. Andy

    Typical Cards fan. No matter what the situation, always more interested in the Cubs.

    1. You're an idiot

      HAHAhahahhah the irony of that statement posted on a blog from a Cubs fan talking about how the 2011 WORLD SERIES CHAMPION St. Louis Cardinals will suck in 2011 is literally making me cry from laughing.

  8. Rancelot

    Growing up in the Mason-Dixon line between Cubs and Cards fandom, I have seen this my whole life. It’s a form of penis envy and it is ever so sad.

    1. JulioZuleta

      pshhh..If us Cubs fans wore jorts that were way too short…ours would hang out the bottom. Speaking of that, Brett I would like your help advertising this idea…the Cubs have shown an affinity for statue building lately…my idea for the next statue is a 2000 foot tall guy wearing a Cubs jersey acting like he is playing croquet right across the river from that damn arch-the arch being the goal naturally. I’ve always thought it would be a wonderful sight to see on the drive to Busch stadium.

  9. JC

    Geez, Brett, you’re a regular Nostra-loser-damus, aren’t you?

  10. TWC

    So, since we’re back on this thread…

    Doesn’t it look like Theriot shaves his forearms?  Jeez, what an asshole.  That jerkoff face just screams to have scat flung in its direction.

    1. Dick Tidrow

      You can tell he is a wussy by his lack of mustache.

  11. Sam Burns

    guess whos in the world series..

  12. Sweetjamesjones

    Hey. Guess who can go fuck themself.

    1. You're an idiot

      So witty. Well played.

      1. Ian Afterbirth

        So ouchy!

  13. Montellew

    Sweetjamesjones – don’t let the cards fans get ya down….look what they are facing in the future. Either they saddle themselves with more debt than the US Govt to keep a declining Pujols, or they lose their star player. Either way, they lose. It’s no wonder their pissed off and trolling cubs sites to spew crap with. Plus, you gotta know something’s wrong with them if they are in the world series – yet they’re still concerned with us? They’ve got some serious penis envy going on!

  14. Jon

    Wow. This really backfired

  15. Doug

    Ha Ha! Pussy fucking Cubs fans always talking shit.. Nut up or shut up you fucking fools! Bring some hardware to the table if ur gonna talk shit. You guys know about sucking more than anyone and still can’t predict a shitty team. Fags.

    1. Spencer


    2. Kyle

      If Patti Mayonnaise heard you talking like this, you wouldn’t be getting to first base. That’s for sure.

      1. Jimmy James


    3. caryatid62

      Wow…somebody’s got their jorts in a bunch over this.

  16. college_of_coaches

    We should applaud this St. Louis fan for using all of his rudimentary reading skills to actually read the article. Sure it took him two years to work his way through it, but that’s expected from a hoosier.

  17. Jimmy James

    Seriously, what do you even have to do to find this? Did he google cardinals suck to go on an epic quest to defend his birds?

    1. Spencer

      this is the only thing I can think of. A two year old article. wow.

    2. college_of_coaches

      I’m sure he’ll come up with a witty response sometime in the year 2015.