The Cardinals took a 3-2 lead into the 9th today – their Opening Day – but lost the game in 11, after the Padres tied it with two outs in the 9th. Albert Pujols was 0-5 with three(!) GIDP. That’s a double nut punch if I’ve ever seen one.

But the icing on the cake (presumably one of those cakes you see on those TLC shows that looks like something in real life; in this case, a short bus)? An error by none other than Ryan Theriot sprung what would prove the winning run. Right side of the rivalry, indeed.

I’d comment on the Brewers’ even more embarrassing 9th inning loss, but, well, they were playing the Reds.

The Cubs haven’t played a game yet, but their season is off to a swimming start.

  • TWC

    What? Milwaukee has a shitty bullpen? ::shock::

  • Serio

    Shortstop Ryan Theriot’s fielding error in his St. Louis debut allowed the go-ahead run to score.

    • Ace

      I meant to include that. Thanks, Serio. Will update to reflect.

  • TWC

    What? St. Louis has a shitty shortstop? ::shock::

    • Bric

      Please tell me again why everybody is worked up about signing a 35- something player who wants 300 mil for 8 years as his body slowly rids itself of juice and his power numbers and average disappear accordingly? What- too soon? BTW- how’d Fat boy Prince do in his similar circumstances?

      • Ace

        Total aside: love your avatar.