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Month: April 2011

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Diamondbacks 2 – April 29, 2011

It’s ok to admit that, when Justin Upton launched a 450 foot two-run bomb off of Carlos Zambrano in the bottom of the first inning last night, you hung your head and thought, “here we go again.” I did. But then the Cubs locked it down, and scored enough to win. It feels good to […]

Depression Sets In and Other Depressing Bullets of Depression – April 29, 2011

Many readers may be under the impression that I’m a glass half full kind of Cubs fan – and I suppose that I am, about half the time. The other half, I’m a sky-is-falling-there-is-no-way-out-from-under-the-crushing-weight-of-failure-why-didn’t-my-mom-breast-feed-me pessimist. In other words, I’m a Cubs fan. For us, the glass is neither half full nor half empty. There is […]


Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 2, Diamondbacks 11 – April 28, 2011

You know the story. Ryan Dempster was not just normal-awful, he was ultramega-wow-something-must-be-wrong-awful. One third of an inning. One out. That’s all he gave the Cubs. It was the worst outing of Dempster’s career. At least we can’t say Mike Quade left him in too long this time (or can we?). The offense wasn’t much […]

Should Starlin Castro Move to Second Base?

There was a time, no so long ago, that it was assumed Starlin Castro would end up at second base. Castro’s range has never been in question, but his mistakes are exaggerated at shortstop, where they might be hidden at second. And, with a supremely good fielder shortstop just a couple years away in Hak-Ju […]

Paul Sullivan Drops Some Knowledge and Other Bullets – April 28, 2011

If anywhere is going wake up the Chicago Cubs’ recently-slumbering bats (outside of Coors Field), it’s Chase Field (that’s where the Diamondbacks play, in case the ever-changing landscape of stadium naming rights has confused/annoyed you). The Cubs usually hit pretty well there, at least when it’s not the playoffs. Yesterday’s rainout (thank you!) gives the […]

No Enhanced Box Score: Rainout = Win

Today’s (not quite) rubber game against the Rockies was rained out, and will be made up… June 27! That, my friends, is a huge win in my book. Not only do the Cubs avoid (for the near term) facing a guy who dominated them a week and a half ago, but they may get to […]


Does Mike Quade Read Bleacher Nation, Too?

We already know (“know”) that Assistant Chicago Cubs GM Randy Bush reads Bleacher Nation, but does manager Mike Quade read it, too? After yesterday’s apparently controversial post about keeping Starlin Castro in the three hole (except maybe against lefties, where he could lead off) because, among other reasons, he’s one of the team’s best hitters […]

Enhanced Box Score: Rockies 4, Cubs 3 – April 26, 2011

I’m so freaking angry. I’m angry that the Cubs left seven guys on base (again). I’m angry that Marlon Byrd crapped the bed in the three-hole (again). I’m angry that Aramis Ramirez is turning into a pumpkin (again). I’m angry that the Cubs actually had a chance to win an unwinnable game – and didn’t […]

Why Starlin Castro Should Remain in the Three Hole – For Now

Let’s be frank: Starlin Castro had a disastrous game last night. His miserable defensive second inning largely cost the Cubs the game, and he went 0-5 with four left on base. It was probably the worst game of his young career. And you’d be right if you said his other games in the three hole haven’t […]

Enhanced Box Score: Rockies 5, Cubs 3 – April 25, 2011

Forecast: Doom. This was the winnable game in the series, and the Cubs did everything they needed to do to win it. Matt Garza pitched well. Kosuke Fukudome went 5-5(!) in the leadoff spot. The Cubs had a huge first inning, including Darwin Barney’s first homer. Jeff Samardzija and Marcos Mateo shut things down. But […]


Oh Wow, Kerry Wood IS Still on the Cubs and Other Bullets – April 25, 2011

You should probably brace yourself for an unhappy stretch of baseball. After the Cubs host the Rockies, they head out to Arizona to take on the Diamondbacks, and then they get the Dodgers-Reds-Cardinals-Giants-Reds-Marlins-Red Sox. That, my friends, is a brutal stretch. In particular, the two Reds series and the Cards series will be put up […]

Enhanced Box Score: Dodgers 7, Cubs 3 – April 24, 2011

You won’t win too many series in which you give up 27 runs. Just think about that – 27 runs in three games. Wasn’t the Cubs’ strength supposed to be its pitching? To date, the Cubs have the *worst* starting pitching in the National League. Yes, injury plays a part in that, but what is […]

Enhanced Box Score: Dodgers 8, Cubs 10 – April 23, 2011

Let me say up front: I love the Cubs. I’m very happy they won today. My evening is saved. But, here’s the thing. I’m very, very upset with Mike Quade for his decision to let Ryan Dempster hit in the bottom of the fifth with the bases loaded and two outs. Pulling Dempster in favor […]

Justin Berg to Chicago, Jeff Stevens to Iowa

After giving the Chicago Cubs 3.1 innings of (crappy) relief yesterday, Jeff Stevens was thanked, and sent down to AAA Iowa. Taking his place in the bullpen is Justin Berg, formerly a member of the pen last year. The predominant reason for the move is probably not the crappy performance of Stevens, but instead is […]


Defining Insanity with the 5th Starter Spot

Albert Einstein is credited with saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Enter the Chicago Cubs and the fifth starter spot. For two straight “starts” now, the Cubs have sought to fill the spot vacated by injured starter Andrew Cashner with a cadre of relievers, starting […]

Enhanced Box Score: Dodgers 12, Cubs 2 – April 22, 2011

Maybe it’s ignorant, but I’d much rather the Cubs lose a blowout than a close one. The Cubs weren’t going to do anything offensively today against Billingsley, so why not give up 12 runs? But you’ll never guess the one pitcher who *didn’t* give up any runs (I say guess because I can only assume […]

Byrd Rumor Not Quite Debunked and Other Bullets – April 22, 2011

With a really tough repeat series against the Rockies looming on the horizon, winning this series against the Dodgers is pretty darn important. It’s also going to be pretty darn hard for the Cubs, going against guys like Chad Billingsley and Ted Lilly. Ryan Dempster coming to his senses would help. Bruce Miles took on […]

Enhanced Box Score: Padres 5, Cubs 4 – April 20, 2011 Game Two

The fact that the Cubs came into the game conceding a loss does not soften the blow. Indeed, it only serves to make me more frustrated – had the Cubs made the reasonable organizational decision to have a STARTER in position to start the game, they might have won. As it was, Russell crapped the […]

Enhanced Box Score: Padres 1, Cubs 2 – April 20, 2011 Game One

Oh the things I was ready to write about this game. But now, I get to do the overreactions in the other direction: I take back everything I ever said about Reed Johnson!!! Matt Garza is back!!! Jeff Samardzija walked a tight rope but he got it done!!! Marlon Byrd actually had an RBI!!! First […]