Hopefully you’ve missed seeing the Enhanced Box Scores as much as I’ve missed making them. On days like today, they’re cathartic.

Two swings doomed the Cubs (and an aggressively, interminably tight strike zone), and the offense couldn’t come through despite plenty of baserunners. I suspect most of you feel like I do…

  • roughriider

    Dumpster must be the recipient of Silva’s bad luck.

  • jonathan

    April 1st..allow me to be the first to say this. With all the money coming off the books and big name free agents..just wait till next year! thank you and goodnight.

    • Raymond Robert Koenig

      Not as much money coming off the books after this season as people think. Soriano, Byrd, Ramirez, Dempster and Zambrano are all under contract for next season. Only Fukudome and Pena aren’t.

      • greg

        Rami is an option and Silva won’t be on the books anymore. Something like 45 mil is coming off.

        • Raymond Robert Koenig

          This team is old and slow. Ramirez is too, but even if the Cubs don’t pick up his option they’d still be old and slow and without his production. The Cubs need to make a concerted effort to get younger and faster. And if they do sign free agents, stay away from the old guys.

  • terry

    i see people talking bout colvin, dempster. etc. and even rudy.. why was Dempster still in there in the 6th inning. after having that poor inning in the fifth, he shouldnt havent even been back out in the 6th.. yes Quade is the right choice.. Right? what a horrible job. not to mention the bench sucks… taking the crapiest catcher in the league on the mlb team just goes to show how much the ricketts and Quade/Henry care about winning. lets see i heard Ricketts say today that Quade was the best for the job that he has been with the organazation for a long time…. Hummm? Sandberg hadn’t been in the organzation very long? i guess. i bet Sandberg will win a world series before this Quade, Ricketts duo will. i’d love to see the cubs win it, but when they do things the way they have things havent changed since tribune owned it.

    • Ace

      Leaving Dempster in was clearly a mistake; I think we were all shouting it at our TVs in the 6th (at the latest).

      • philoe beddoe

        Very disappointing to see Quade not remove Dempster there….more disappointing was the interview with Tom Ricketts…..a family worth 1 billion, buying a team for 900 million, not gonna bode well for us…

        the guy is not a leader..you can tell it in five minutes of hearing him speak….at least we didn’t have to hear Todd and Laura

      • Bric

        Well, hopefully Quade will realise that his 24-15 record or whatever the F*** it was was against a bunch of guys who were playing out the season and his guys who were hoping to keep their jobs. Now he’ll know the difference between keeping his starters in when clearly they’re done in a game that really counts. Too bad Hendry will never understand this (he knows so much more than us anyway).

    • Raymond Robert Koenig

      Sandberg walked away from the Cubs. Again. Just like in ’94. He could have chosen to stay in the organization.

      • awesome

        why would anyone stay here?

  • Cheryl

    Quade will get better. So far we know a few things – the new people did fairly well. Dempster was not good. But give it a few more weeks and see how it turns out.

    • Bric

      In my mind the issue’s a little deeper than that. True, all of the new people played well. But the rest of the team looks exactly like last year. This was a team that got within a game of .500 4 times in the first 30 days and couldn’t get over the hump.
      They looked as lifeless today as every one of those 4 games last year and now with Hendry’s lap dog of a coach it’s only going to get worse. At least the O’s, Rays, Royals, and Pirates (who now own us) can say they don’t have a bunch of aging, God awful veterans and a diluted GM and owner running the company. This is seriously worse than ’96.
      I was 50-50 on the Garza trade (even after his spring). Now I know it was a mistake because everything Hendry does is a mistake.

      • necubsfan

        One game, fuck it.

        • Ace

          I applaud your resilience.

  • Steve

    All this over one game? Wow. Conclusions cannot…repeat, cannot be drawn for weeks. Chill out, people.

    • Hogan

      Agreed. So when we win a few, does that mean that we are series bound?

      • Ace

        Yes. What, is this your first rodeo?

        • Jeff

          Jeez, you can always spot the noobies.

  • Tanner

    Wow, they need to do something about the 20 LOB….. Right Mr. Soto?!

  • CubsFanatic

    Well the first mistake was letting Dempster get the start anyway. I would rather have had Zambrano or Garza out there. (They couldn’t have done much worse if they were.) This always happens. Dempster can barley go past the 6th inning before crapping out.
    Forget Pujols this off season. We NEED to focus on the pitchers and sign them.

    • Bric

      The thing is that’s always been Dempster’s story: 6 innings pitched: 3 or 4 runs allowed. The real question is why Quade and Riggins would allow him to go in the 7th. He didn’t really pitch a bad game, he just got tired and made a few blatant mistakes that cost him. But watching the game and listening to Brenly it’s clear he’d do us more good coaching than commentating.

    • Ace

      You guys are being way too hard on Dempster – he’s been the Cubs’ best pitcher for three years now.

      • Bric

        I don’t mean to sound down on Demp. You’re right, he’s been the most reliable starter next to Lilly for three years. But I was down on Quade and Riggins. Isn’t it their job to know that Dempster always only pitchs 6 innings and usually gives up 3 runs (by definition a quality start). Quade needs to know his players’ abilities better than that.

        • Ace

          Oh I’m down on Quade for it, too. But I understand what he was thinking, at least.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    You’re right. But has he been one of the best 30 starters in baseball over the last 3 years? That would make him a real # 1 starter, not just the Cubs’ # 1.

    • Ace

      Based on WAR, yes, he has (if I remember correctly when I reviewed those numbers in the offseason).

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        I stand corrected.

  • Craig

    You guys are being awfully pessimistic for it being one game. Chill out people.

    • Craig

      Oh, and Ace, 0-162???? Comments like that make me not want to come back to this site.

      • Ace

        Craig, if you aren’t picking up on the intentional overreaction in “0-162,” then you might not be a fan of the Enhanced Box Scores. They’re reactionary. That’s the point.

    • PFK

      chill? sure, i’ll chill. no big deal, its just one game. NO NEED TO GET ALL WORKED UP!!! CHILL? YOU WANT CHILL? I ‘LL GIVE YOU CHILL! CHILL THIS!

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Does anyone think Ricketts is more concerned with making money than with putting a winning team on the field? How do you explain sticking with a GM who has maxed out his payroll to build a team that is old, slow and defensively challenged? And is also responsible for a farm system that is (at best) middle of the pack. It’s like Hendry has no plan. Long, or short, term. He isn’t proactive, he’s reactive.

  • awesome

    it’s not just one game, it’s last year, ST, and nothing has changed, same cast. it’s only one game goes for individuals like Soto going 0-5 in game one as did Pujols 0-5.

    my problem is with Quade and Z. Quade’s reasoning doesn’t wash with me. as for Mr. Z the “I’m cured” guy, is it me or does it seem like every time he’s losing late in games he cramps up?