At the risk of belaboring the point, I find it worthwhile to remind you all of our fortuity in being rid of Ryan Theriot. In another loss for the Cardinals today, Theriot – leading off – went 0-3, made an error, and allowed two infield singles dribble in front of him.

Am I spiteful? Perhaps a little. But I certainly agree with Ryan: he’s on the right side of the rivalry now.

Courtesy of a friend at Sons of Ivy:

  • TBO

    The cardinals are on the wrong side of Ryan Theriot

  • marc
    • roughriider

      If nothing intelligent can be said, say nothing at all.

      • Joe

        That article pretty much made start actively hating Aramis Ramirez. I thought he was just lazy but that just…. wow…

  • wernert

    I watched some of that Cardinals game. With Theriot and Berkman lumbering and stabbing at fly balls in the outfield, they are going to need Pujuols to hit 200 homers — which I hope he doesn’t do.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Anybody see the highlights from Pujols’ first game in the bigs? He sure is a lot bigger now. I wonder how that happens. Kind of reminds me of the way Sosa and Bonds got bigger.

    • jstraw

      Yeah…a little.