Quade Explains the Dempster Decision, and Other Bullets – April 2, 2011

Consider this a game day link dump for your perusing pleasure. Keep those spirits up, chumpions.

  • Mike Quade says he felt like Ryan Dempster was fine to go out for the 6th and 7th innings yesterday, and Dempster, himself, agreed. “If I have him out there for 125 pitches, I’ll put a gun to my head,” Quade said. “I thought he still was within reason, and I know he wanted to compete.”
  • Of the decision, Dempster said, ‘‘I felt good. Two quality outs [to end] the sixth. I still felt good.’’ And Dempster was more upset about the two-run homer to Andrew McCutchen than the grand slam to Neil Walker, even though the two-run bomb didn’t figure in the final tally. ‘‘The grand slam hurts, but it’s 4-2, and you’re right in it. Those add-ons hurt you every time.’’
  • If you’re looking for some positives from the crummy Opening Day loss, look no further than Starlin Castro. In addition to his at bats, Castro looked impressive in the field yesterday. Carlos Pena looked good defensively as well.

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20 responses to “Quade Explains the Dempster Decision, and Other Bullets – April 2, 2011”

  1. jonathan

    has anyone noticed todays lineup? i thought lou quit last year? soto hitting 5th after his 0′fer yesterday and barney and fukudome getting the day off after actually swinging the bat yesterday..im confused by the lineup switching daily

  2. czechxican

    Comon Cubs—it’s the freakin’ Pirates.

  3. PFK

    Sitting here watching the second game thru 4 innings and this is one pathetic show they are putting on.

  4. jim

    as stone said last year,”put colvin in right and leave him there”

  5. Ol'CharlieBrown

    It feels all too much like last year. The bats just won’t come alive, especially when they’re already behind in a game. It seems that Rudy Jaramillo has made no impact on this teams hitting ability thus far. I don’t know if they’re all just swinging for the fences or what, but it’s really quite discouraging to watch the bats continue to falter.

    Derek Lee was always one of my favorites and I know he struggled offensively before being traded last year, but it feels like this team hasn’t had any pop in the lineup since he left. I think more and more that he carried our team offensively when he was hitting. Not saying we should have kept him either, just saying that there’s this void that has been left…

  6. czechxican

    Why do the Cubs just SUCK. At Home. In April. Every freaking year?

  7. czechxican

    B+ by Zambrano today, considering his April past record

  8. czechxican

    That was just awesome. Soriano has the brains of a Yak.

  9. PFK

    Thru 7….this is soooo painful to watch. Exactly how many more years do we have to suffer with Soriano? I know we only have to suffer 5 more months with Ramirez and Fukudome. Are they really going to keep running Soriano out there game in and game out? Will they ever learn that Byrd is not a middle of the lineup guy? Will they learn that Soto is just not a clutch hitter? He has a great OBP and should maybe be up hitting second but he just leaves wave after wave of runners on base. Always has.

  10. Raymond Robert Koenig

    Look out, N.L. Central! Here come the Cubs!

  11. PFK

    Well, how about them apples??? Soriano with a clutch hit and Blake DeWitt with the game winner. Go figure. Great to get that first win. I was imagining a season opening long losing streak.

    1. Raymond Robert Koenig

      I agree. The 2 least likely guys to come through. Not counting Hill.

  12. PFK

    Can’t wait for the Enhanced Box Score on this one.