This might become a regular feature when there are articles of note that do not merit their own, separate write-up, and where there are points I’d like to make about the previous day’s game. Let me know what you think.

  • Carlos Pena says former and current teammate Matt Garza’s intensity, which rivals Carlos Zambrano’s, is a good thing, because Garza has learned to control it.  ‘‘It is his desire to just absolutely beat down the other team, and he goes out there with that desire every single day. Fans are going to love him because of that. And obviously he wants the best results, and he knows that for him to achieve that, he’s going to have to become the master of himself first. He’s in an awesome place. And I don’t think we’ve seen the best of him yet.’’
  • Speaking of Pena, did you like his bunt attempt with the massive shift on? I did – and the good news is, he considers that a weapon in his arsenal. If he could get good at it – remember, the massive shift against him only became so massive and consistent last season – it could prove incredibly useful. The threat of it, alone, could cause some defensive issues.
  • Mike Quade likes to hear “Go Cubs Go” at the end of the game. Obviously that’s mostly because it is preceding by a win, but still, as a fan, I think that’s kind of cool (sorry to the Goodman hataaas).
  • Cubs GM Jim Hendry shares his thoughts on the new look NL Central, and speaks to his Cubs’ chances:

  • wernert

    Will there be rain today? I’m not in Chicago and various forecasts say yes but I want them to say no.

  • PFK

    I was just reading “The Onion” on line and switched to BN and read this post. It almost felt like I was still reading “The Onion.” Try it. Seriously. See if it doesn’t feel the same.

  • jim

    where wud leo predict all these nice guys to finish?

  • Lokanna

    I like it Ace. Makes a worthwhile “daily update” type post w/o having to try and fill out entire topics with fluff.

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    I like the bullet posts too, Ace! Its nice to get updates on various topics that, like you said may not merit their own posts and like Lokanna said, without having to try to fill a post with fluff just to make it seem worthwhile.

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    Also liked how you threw in the little video this time too. I haven’t seen you do that before. Nice little addition I thought!

    • Bric

      I like it too. It’s like a “Notes and Quotes” section but disagree concerning the video. Hendry always deserves his own article entitled “Here’s the newest bunch of bull shit”.

  • PFK

    Love it. Keep em coming.

  • Jeffy

    I likey.

  • PFK

    How many runners has Soto left stranded so far this year? It has to be well into double digits by now. He has always been like this. He can hit but rarely in clutch situations to drive in runs.

  • Ace

    Thanks for the feedback, folks. To the extent there continue to be days where I have items in the queue that don’t quite merit a whole post, I’ll make these kind of posts.

    Also, that throw by Colvin and tag by Soto were awesome. BAM, right in the face.

  • PFK

    Has anybody noticed that Marlin Byrd has swung at the first pitch in almost every at bat this season? He has no more business batting 3rd than I do. He and Soto are so poor in the clutch it is ridiculous. Once again Ramirez is nowhere to be found offensively or defensively. Gotta love Castro’s amazing bat but the kid simply has to learn to get his head in the game. I assume he will over time. He still hasn’t learned how to tag a runner stealing second. Instead of leaving his glove down by the bag, he comes up to tag them high on the leg. He got a break on the out call today. And he continues to make poor throwing decisions.

    • Bric

      I agree…Soto and Byrd have done nothing in the first three games. So much for “Rudy” and the veterans. It’s still early but I wouldn’t doubt Quade’s gonna realize very soon to just play the young guys. If they make mistakes, so be it, but this team is all about the future, not anything related to the “Lou” era.

    • Michigan Goat

      I watched that poor tag again and he was safe, Castro continues to do that swipe tag, very frustrating. If he doesn’t show vast improvement in his defense by the end of the year I will become very worried.

  • Ian James

    I like the bullet format, sir.

    • Ian James

      Why am I Ian James on my home computer but Ian Afterbirth on my Mac book???

      • Kenny L.

        There’s no log in , so it’s whatever you type. And your avatar scares me.

        • Ian James

          I’m sorry.
          I don’t look like this every day.