Solid win all around, though you’d still like to see a little more offense – and that will happen if the Cubs can get some more balls to go over the wall rather than smacking off of it (ha, that sentence – completely legitimately – had the words “more,” “balls,” and “smacking”). Hopefully Carlos Pena’s removal from the game was merely precautionary after taking a hard foul off the leg (UPDATE: or it might be a sprained thumb, which, after the Aramis Ramirez issue last year, would not be welcome news). We’ll know more soon.

But the story of the game…

(Ignore that line for Marmol – he did pitch a scoreless 9th inning and log a save; I think I grabbed the box a little quickly.)

  • greg

    Man, I don’t know about using 3 relievers in that one inning but either way it was nice to see a Cubs bullpen not blow a 1 run lead and an offense actually build on it late in the game.

  • Jeff

    I really hope this is a sign of what’s to come for both Randy Wells and Alfonso Soriano.

    They really need to clear up the outfield jam, I really think it’s going to continue to have a negative effect on Tyler Colvin to have to sit out or pinch hit 3 times a week, he needs to be playing everyday, even if it means an early season trade of one of the starters, two of which are stinking it up.

    Looking forward to seeing Cashner’s first start tomorrow.

    • Ace

      I would be so very nice for Cashner to get off to a good start. Build some confidence.

  • Derrick

    The only thing that scares me about this team is that they are VERY VERY SLOW… not an ounce of speed. Were gonna live and die by the long ball and that doesn’t set too well with me. Good Game by Wells lets hope Cash can do the same.

    • Ace

      Hopefully they continue to develop good first-to-third and second-to-home speed (which isn’t all about pure speed, it’s about instincts and break), which will make up for some of what you note.

  • Eric

    I don’t know about any one else, but i hope the lack of attendance in the last couple games isn’t going to be a trend throughout the year.

    • jh

      I am guessing it is Pirate-related & some weather but I actually do hope it continues. The things we put up with as Cub fans would not go over in Boston, NY, Philly, etc. These should be our contemporaries but instead we are where we are. The only way that the message will get across to the owners is to see attendance & tv ratings drop. For a family worth $1B, it can get awfully expensive to own a $900M team.

      • Ace

        I hope that it’s just the weather and the Pirates, but I assume it’s also a healthy dose of Cubs-suck-for-two-years, economy-in-the-tank, and attendance-down-everywhere. None of those things are good for the future of the Cubs – money in the door helps.

        • jh

          As does a quality ballclub.