And with that, the Chicago Cubs are over .500 for the first time since 2009. The offense was adequate today and the starting pitching was superb (hopefully Cashner’s shoulder issue is not serious). But the middle relief – like last year – remains a concern…

  • TWC

    Hey, how about Koyie Hill’s awesome day! Ass. Useless ass. I was absolutely shocked that they pitched around him in the 7th to get to Russell. There are kids on my son’s t-ball team that I’d pitch around to get to Koyie Hill.

    • Ace

      That t-ball tee has a hell of a splitter.

  • TSB

    I’m worried about Starlin Castro. If he get’s too good, there will be calls to “trade him for prospects”, the favorite post of certain cub fans. Anytime a player is at the top of his game, they come out of the woodwork.

    • CubsFanatic

      Castro has already been labeled “Untouchable”. They were asked numerous time to trade him and they have refused to even listen to offers. Castro will be our SS/2B for years to come. Hopefully we can get him some better help this or next season.

    • Ace

      Nah. He’s dirt cheap for several years to come. He’s going nowhere.

      • wax_eagle


        Do the Cubs have any impetus to do something like the Ray’s have started doing with their young players? Guarantee them more now in exchange for their entire arb period and their first year of FA with a couple of options? It would be nice if Castro/Cashner/Marmol were amenable to something like this.

        • Ace

          Probably not – it’s a common strategy for smaller market clubs that won’t have the cash to pony up when the later arb years and early FA years come. The Cubs will continue to do what they do – sign guys when they get closer to the end of their arb years.

          • wax_eagle

            I guess that makes sense, if you can afford whatever someone is going to want in Arb then its better to take the risk of paying them what they are worth.

            • Ace

              Exactly. Of course, it assumes the Cubs will continue to be a deep pocket team…

  • roughriider

    Starling Castro will be with the Cubs for at least the next five years and maybe 10 or more.

  • Bric

    Great win and all, but I think we just saw the real Mateo and Spell check. I saw Mateo pitch last ST and he was god awful against minor leaguers. I remember Dolis looked much better at the time (and he’s in AA now).
    Unfortunately, this bullpen’s still four or five good arms and the other two spots are going to be a revolving door of Samjay, Mateo, Berg, Stevens, Coello, Diamond, and every other scrub in Iowa until Coleman and Carpenter are ready (which won’t be until September).

    • Ace

      You’re totally right. Hopefully Coello and Carpenter are ready in a hurry. Or a guy like Kyle Smit; or a surprise like Dolis or Alberto Cabrera. There really are a ton of options, it’s just a matter of finding the right kid.

      • wax_eagle

        Unfortunate that Spell Check’s contract has him in the pen until he gets hurt.