Chicago Cubs starter Andrew Cashner (and noted top young pitcher) left today’s game after just 5.1 innings and 72 pitches with what the Cubs are calling “shoulder tightness.” In his final, sixth inning pitch, something was visibly wrong with Cashner’s delivery – that is not to say he was visibly uncomfortable, but something was off.

Obviously there are a million reasons for overreaction and concern, but allow me to offer a few reasons for temperance: (1) Cashner is a young guy, so the Cubs are going to be overly cautious; (2) it’s his first start of the season (after a year as a reliever), so the Cubs are going to be overly cautious; (3) Cashner was not fully stretched out in Spring, so he was unlikely to throw too many more pitches anyway; (4) “tightness” is not uncommon early in the season; and (5) with the off-day on Thursday, the Cubs can skip Cashner’s next turn in the rotation (which they may have opted to do anyway, to keep his season-long pitch total down).

Obviously we’ll have more as more comes out.

  • Jeff

    This would be the recurring Cubs nightmare if it turns out to be serious. Hope he’s okay, I was thinking his pitch count was getting up there anyway, maybe another game where Quade pulled the starter one batter too late.

    Ace, any thoughts on hosting a live discussion on the site during games?

    • Dan0mite

      He only threw 73 pitches, so I don’t think that was the issue.

    • Ace

      I would love to do live chats/game threads during the game, and it’s absolutely something in the works. Hold tight, and we’ll be doing it – hopefully later this season. For now, obviously you’re always free to drop game comments on any of the posts. If there’s enough demand, I can open up a game thread each day before the game. I just don’t want to do it, and have it be a ghost town.

  • Jody

    I hope this isn’t serious but I’m really glad nothing is wrong with his nose.

  • Caleb

    Great start by Cashner today!

    I predict all 5 Cub starters go to the all star game.

    And 7 or 8 position players.

    Oh, and the bullpen.

    And bench.

    And coaches.

    And me.


    • Ace

      Way too optimistic. Koyie Hill will not be an All Star. Otherwise, I agree.

      • Andrew

        Ace, Koyie HIll will make the all star team because he’ll break a record in the first half for lowest batting average ever for a guy who doesn’t get sent to the minors. People will vote him in because they are amazed at his ability to convince management that he is somehow a better choice than Ramirez or Castillo.

        That being said, I hope he gets a hit one day…

        I may be waiting a while for that one, though.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Quade thinks they’ll do a precautionary MRI and he doesn’t think it’s too serious.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    MRI’s today.

    • Ace

      Thanks, RRK.