You can never count on a sweep of even the crappiest of teams, but with the Cubs’ “ace” going today, you had to feel like a sweep was a distinct possibility. Shame on you for that.

Dempster wasn’t really *that* bad today (yes, 10 hits and 5 runs is never good, but zero walks and 4 earned runs in 7 innings is not terrible), but, outside of a couple bombs, the offense didn’t really show up. Oh, and Chris Young can eat a bag of … thumbtacks.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Looks like the wrong starter went on the DL.

  • pfk

    The drop in attendance is a big topic so far – and should be. When the Cubs were mediocre people would come out. Now, they are mediocre but even worse, they have players that are just plain painful to watch – Soriano and Ramirez among them. It is hard to pay good money and watch players being paid a fortune who are jaking it and brutal defensively. Add in Hill, DeWitt and Johnson and it just isn’t worth paying to feel ripped off. If they were mediocre but had a bunch of promising kids, the fans would turn out. As it is, fans are right in feeling that this group is an embarrassment for a major market with a top 5 payroll.

    • TSB

      I recall as a teenager going to a Cubs game on the last day of the season where the attendence was 910. General admission ticket ($1.50), got to sit right behind home plate.

      Look on the bright side. I live in Los Angeles now, and unlike Dodger Stadium, you can get out of Wrigley alive after a game.

      • Ace


    • awesome


  • greg

    What’s up with Demp? That’s 4 in a row he’s dropped at Wrigley

  • http://SOI veryzer

    Highest average ticket price + average at best team = apathy.

    I hope people stay away all year.

    • Ace

      The Ricketts don’t have an infinite supply of money – if folks stay away long enough, then we could REALLY be looking at an average (at best) team for a looooong time.

      • PFK

        Exactly! One of the reasons for the lower payroll this year was a drop in revenue. They blew their wad purchasing the team and now have to rely on gate/concession/TV revenue to make payroll. If attendance is way off then gate receipts are down, concessions are down, TV ratings and thus ad revenue is down and then, to make ends meet, payroll must be slashed. And, to make things worse, to continuously compete with the big boys is going to require $165M/year. When the Cubs were sold my brother jumped up and down and I thought, “What if we just sold the team to a family like the Bidwells?” So lets hope attendance improves folks.

        • http://SOI veryzer

          Ace, do you think they’d be average for 103 years?

          • Ace

            No. But how many years do you have? Mine’s some number short of another 103.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    No. We want attendance to keep being an issue. Cub fans need to send a message and hopefully ownership gets it. Put a good product on the field and attendance will take care of itself. Get rid of the old, slow, defensively challenged guys who play like they don’t care and replace them with young, energetic, hungry players.

    • http://SOI veryzer

      I concur. Selling out the park everyday never did nothing for this team.