Chicago Cubs pitcher (young pitcher, gasp) Andrew Cashner had an MRI yesterday after leaving his first career start in the sixth inning with shoulder tightness. The results are expected today, but, for now, the Cubs don’t seem as terrified as, say, I might be.

“He just felt a little tightness,” Cubs manager Mike Quade said. “We’ll be cautious with everybody, especially early in the season.

“He didn’t have any trouble in camp. This caught us off guard completely. He was honest with us, and hopefully we were able to get him out of there before anything bad happened.”…

“The requirements and the things we’re asking of him are the same,” Quade said. “But we’re not asking for 17, 18 pitches to get three outs and adios. I am glad he was here last year and he’s had the Wrigley Field experience. I’m glad he’s at the back end of this [rotation] and has had a chance to watch his four counterparts first.”

Catcher Koyie Hill said he didn’t notice anything wrong in Cashner’s delivery during Tuesday’s game that might signal a problem.

“I didn’t even realize anything was going on with him,” Hill said. “I noticed the inning before he was doing a really good job separating each pitch, taking his time, really concentrating on his pitch. I remember thinking back a couple pitches, before O’Neal came out there, he was doing something [with his arm] and I didn’t think anything of it.

“I think something had grabbed him in his shoulder, and that was it. It’s kind of a bittersweet ending to what was turning into a real nice start.”

Pfft. Koyie Hill screws the pooch again. Kidding.

With an offday tomorrow, the Cubs will be able to give Cashner an extra day of rest if they’d like. Alternatively, they could call up Casey Coleman for a spot start next week. If Cashner is out for an extended time, that sound you will hear will be Carlos Silva kicking himself for not accepting an assignment to AAA Iowa (it will sound a bit like kids bouncing on a moon walk).

  • Hogan

    (it will sound a bit like kids bouncing on a moon walk).

    I’m holding my son and I scared him I laughed so hard!

  • Willis

    Young pitchers and shoulders…I’ve heard this before. Hopefully it isn’t anything serious. I know it was the Dbags but he was dealing yesterday.

  • bt

    God hates us. Not only Cashner to DL, but he’s taking Wells with him.

    • Ace

      God is a big kid with a magnifying glass.

  • TWC

    Well, he’s heading to the DL along with Wells.

    Wells! WTF?

    Insert something about not winning but losing the division in April here…

  • greg

    WHY GOD?

  • wax_eagle

    Guess we get to see some AAA arms for the next month or so.

    • Ace

      Yes, though it’s too bad Jay Jackson is hurt. Would’ve really liked to have seen him get a start or two.

      • Bric

        Well this season at least takes us in a different direction than the last two. I hate to sound like I told you so but all along I was saying that Cashner is much better suited for the bull pen. It’s not a coincidence that he throws so similar to Marshall (which has never seriously been considered for the rotation).
        Yet the only question that Hendry refuses to go near is why the f did he trade Gorz for prospects? “We’re only one or two players away yada, yada, yada”. “Gotta restock the farm system yada, yada, yada”… this dude makes no sense. He’s like a kid with his dad’s revolver. yada, yada, yada

  • Willis

    I suppose tentatively optimistic in the cubs’ minds = a month on the DL.

    • Ace

      Apparently. Sigh…

  • Jim

    So, what are the odds that we do see Silva again this year?

    • Andrew

      No chance on Silva. He burned too many bridges on his way out the door. If they’re looking for a vet to fill one of the spots I’d say Looper is a possibility since he’s only a little over a week removed from gearing up for the season. But Ace probably has it right – Coleman and Russell will get the call.

      Hopefully at least one of them blows the Cubs away enough that they actually have a tough decision on their hands when Wells and Cashner get back.

  • jonathan

    lets all be honest. its the cubs! samarjdzia is going to get a start. he has pictures of hendry snoring coke off a hookers tit or something

    • Ace

      Actually, it was John Grabow’s chest.