Carlos Zambrano wasn’t particularly sharp, but, thankfully, Randy Wolf was even less sharp. And I thought this prior to his breakout performance, but isn’t it time to see Jeff Baker getting a start here and there against righties? Yes, I know this was a lefty he tore up, but let’s see what he’s got. Also…

  • PFK

    What is “MOAR?”

    • Ian James

      Does it mean “here are some “more” excellent performances or does it mean Ace wants “more’ such performances?

    • Ace

      It’s a combo of “more” and “roar.” It’s a nerdy Internet meme that is a self-consciously aggressive way of saying I’d like to see more of that.

      E.g., When Prince Fielder has finished a plate of nachos, but remains hungry, he might turn to his waitress and scream, “MOAR!!!”

      • PFK

        So, the opposite would be when the Cubs blow a 7 run lead in the 9th inning you’d scream, “NOMOAR!!!” Or, if Prince Fielder tosses his cookies after eating too many nachos you’d scream, “NOMOAR!!!”

        • Ace

          Exactly. Or if the Cubs trade for a big name shortstop to save the season and he ends up flopping, re-signing, and then injuring himself to the point that he never regains effectiveness. Then I’d say NOMOAR.

          • Bric

            It was only Nomoar after he came to the Cubs. Before that it was No-mah…

            • jstraw

              No, that was No-MARR.

      • Ian James

        Thank you – I’ll have to work that into my World of Warcraft chat.

  • Dave

    Wood may dominate with his new cutter. He looked great last night in spite of not striking anyone out.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Anybody read Obstructed View? Whoever writes that thinks the Cubs should make Wood a starter again! I guess anyone can have a website. I read it just for the idiocy.

    • Ace

      I think they were joking – at least, given the idea, I’d have to assume they were joking.