On the heels of twin rotation injuries – Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner both went on the disabled list last week, and neither is expected back for another three to four weeks – the Cubs today signed 38-year-old pitcher Ramon Ortiz to a minor league deal.

You may remember Ortiz from such successful seasons as 2002 with the Los Angeles Angels. Oh, you don’t remember that? Well, he was league average as recently as *seven* years ago, so there’s that.

Indeed, Ortiz has been intermittently awful and unemployed for the better part of a decade, so any hopes you might have about him being the Cubs’ knight in shining armor should probably be set aside. The Cubs likely (make that hopefully) view him as organizational depth – he’s headed to AAA Iowa – and an emergency option for the big league rotation.

  • Peter Kempf

    A wonderful example to have around the kids.

  • PFK

    I’ve been watching the Sox lately and they have one heck of an exciting and good ball club. I grew up hating the Sox but for some reson I like following them now. Plus, Hawk and Stone are really good together.

    • Ace

      Sweet baby Jesus, bite your tongue.

      • PFK

        OMG! I can’t believe I said what I did!! Maybe because it was my 64th birthday and I was feeling like it may actually happen that I never see the Cubs in the Series before i die. Can everyone please find it in their heart to forgive me? It won’t happen again. Give an old, depressed Cub fan a break – this time.

        • Ace

          You’re on a very short leash, PFK. You’ve always been a rabble-rouser.

          • pfk

            Dat wowsy wabbit made me do it.

    • Jeff

      Those are fighting words.

    • Hogie

      *junk kick*…NO

    • Dan0mite

      Hawk is absolutely horrible. I can’t stand his stupid catch phrases and whining.

    • deej

      dude… wrong forum… take that sh*t somewhere else….

  • Bric

    I don’t know…when I’m in the mood for a little 14 year old bathroom humor and inane babble like “he gone!” and the explanation of what a duck fart is, I always tune in to listen to Hawk. And Stoney’s arrogance and 40 year old jokes about who’s paying for dinner are just icing on the cake.

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      Agreed!! I absolutely can not stand Hawk! He’s just plain awful and you can put that on the board! YES!

  • Bric

    OCB- you gotta get yourself a gravatar of some type for the little picture box. I know nothing about computers but tried by clicking on the link and it took about 30 seconds. Just trying to help ace out by plugging his sponser.

    • Ace

      Thanks Bric, but Gravatar isn’t a sponsor. It’s just an open way to have an avatar across the web on multiple sites. I use it because I figure it’s the easiest way for folks to have a picture if they want. Maybe I should be getting some scratch…