So, who feels like punching a dolphin?

Make no mistake, the Cubs were supposed to lose this game. But the Cubs weren’t supposed to score four off Yovani Gallardo in the first three innings, and chase him after five. The Cubs weren’t supposed to hold the Brewers scoreless over the middle four frames. Kerry Wood wasn’t supposed to give up a game-winning two-run homer in the bottom of the eighth (to a guy who, arguably, was supposed to still be a Cub). And most of all, I wasn’t supposed to get my damn hopes up.

  • PFK

    I think they should give Castro a day off. He looks a bit tired. Its easy to fall into bad hitting habits when you are tired. He played alot of ball in the off season, worked hard in ST and has played everyday so far. Even a star needs a day off once in a while.

  • PFK

    Frankly, I’d like to see Wellington Castillo give Soto a run for his money. I don’t know what the record is for leaving runners left on base but he must be approaching it.

  • Odd

    Casey McGehee is supposed to still be a Cub? So he can sit in the minors til he’s 30 when Ramirez’s contract is up? And I guess when Felix Pie hits a homerun against us, he’ll be mentioned as a player who’s supposed to still be a Cub, and when Chris Archer beats us, he was supposed to still be a Cub, and when…

    • Ace

      (1) Arguably.

      (2) You don’t have to sit in the minors because there is a starter on the big team ahead of you. It’s called the bench. Care to list all the amazing infielders on the Cubs’ bench right now?

      (3) The Cubs waived McGehee for nothing, so they could have kept him for nothing. The Cubs traded Pie. The Cubs traded Archer. Quite a difference.

      (4) Arguably.

      (5) That was, like, the most minor point in the entirety of the post.

      • Hogie

        Plus he got his break with the Brewers at second.

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    I wonder who’s bright idea it was to have Byrd attempt to steal in the top of the 9th, down by a run, no outs, with two of our more “dangerous” hitters coming to bat. I don’t think any reason can justify such a hasty decision.

    • Jeff

      I agree CharlieBrown, with Ramirez and Pena, two of the most notorious swing and miss guys in the Cubs lineup, no way Byrd should have been running. By the way, could be time to start giving Byrd some props for his performance so far this year. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit to see him batting 2nd behind Starlin Castro every day.

      I totally blame this series on Ace and the others who were making fun of Prince Fielder in the series preview thread, way to kick a sleeping giant. Anyone for Prince over Pujols now?

      • jh

        Still wouldn’t take Fielder over Pujols. All the money we’d save would be lost to miles of extra jersey material.

  • Derrick

    This is somewhat frustrating at this point. Garza and Dempster have looked like front line starters given only two starts so far. Our 4th and 5th guys go down. NOT AN Ounce of speed at all. K. Hill and R.Johnson are just a waste of roster space. We need to take advantage of St.Louis not playing well and Greinke being hurt.

    I think Byrd could be traded for a few good prospects, call up Jackson let the kid play and lead off. Colvin then can start in right and we can see what we have for the future. Fuke is barely a fourth outfielder.

    Someone is going to say its only x amount of games but we need some urgency.


  • JR

    I’m still not over this one. Coleman looked good out there, if he had pitched around Fielder and Braun who knows what would have happened. Failing to get the runners from 3rd with less than two outs was problematic. Maybe I was missing something but with that shift on Soto, Gallardo still appeared to pitch him on the outside half of the plate–and Soto pulled it into a weak grounder. It sometimes seems like a Soto home run is followed by a few weeks of him trying to pull every pitch.

    As to pitching Marshall in the 7th, I was glad he faced Braun and Fielder. I was not happy that it wasn’t situational. It’s upsetting that he’s been demoted to the 7th inning guy. I know many Cubs fans love Kerry Wood, etc. but Marshall is the better pitcher. Notwithstanding Gorzellany’s horrific first start elsewhere I would have preferred keeping the Cashner/Marshall/Marmol bullpen and have the lefty in the rotation. Nothing against Cashner–and maybe he’s going to be a great starter, I hope so and he looked good (in those 5 innings) until he got hurt–but it seems like Hendry was tinkering with pitching that was working just fine. I certainly hope I’m wrong.

    • Ace

      Marshall is great, but given the look of Woody’s stuff this year (walks notwithstanding), I’m fine with them being the 7th and 8th inning guys, respectively.

      As for Soto, I just don’t understand the shift. I’ve never felt like he was a dramatic pull hitter. Hopefully he can make some teams pay.

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      “It sometimes seems like a Soto home run is followed by a few weeks of him trying to pull every pitch.”

      Well said, JR! I have noticed that too! It seems like Soto is always trying to pull the ball and looks like he’s trying to lift every pitch up into the left field bleachers.