With Casey Coleman pulled into action, facing scorching hot Yovani Gallardo (supported by Cubs bats that are anything but scorching hot), today’s game doesn’t exactly look like a sure win.

  • Coleman is ready for the Brewers, though he was looking forward to taking on Texas’ AAA team. Not because it’s easier, mind you, but because he thinks the Rangers’ AAA team is “stacked.” He acknowledges that the Brewers are probably better.
  • Jeff Baker wouldn’t mind seeing more starts at second base, but Mike Quade is preaching patience. For now, it sounds like the righty/righty platoon with Darwin Barney will continue. Barney is better defensively, no doubt (though Baker is at least average), but Barney’s offensive ceiling is Ryan Theriot. Baker could actually provide some meaningful offense.
  • More non-performance reasons to love Carlos Pena. He tells his teammates they’re awesome in an effort to get them to be, you know, awesome. If his performance matches his character this season, it will be incredibly hard not to want him back in 2012.
  • Some Cubs are grousing (anonymously) about Manny Ramirez, who retired (like a douche) this weekend after testing positive (again) for PEDs. They feel like maybe he cheated them out of the 2008 playoffs, to which I respond: clearly it was the lack of left-handed bats. I’d laugh if it didn’t still anger me.
  • Chris Archer ain’t mad atcha. “When you get traded it’s always a little bittersweet, but a team wants you,” Archer said. “One team is willing to get rid of you for a big-name player and then one team wants you. Either way you look at it, I wasn’t mad. I was wanted and it was for a big-name player, a No. 1 or No. 2 starter in the big leagues. Why would I be mad? If that’s what the package is worth for a No. 1 or No. 2 starter in the big leagues, I’m happy with that.”
  • PFK

    1st inning and once again defense bites the Cubs. Should have been a scoreless inning but the Brewers get 2 earned – but not really “earned.”

  • http://www.thelogoapproach.com Tom Allen

    So who will be forgiven first, Manny Ramirez or Steve Bartman?

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      I forgave Steve Bartman long ago… He became nothing more than a poor excuse for us all to take out a century of frustration on. How lucky those 2-3 other people must feel who were also reaching out for that very same baseball. Bartman is no more to blame than Bernie Mac is for singing “root, root, root for the champions”. Although I guess we are a fan base who also blames a goat for our misfortunes, so I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising that we blame a person either.

      Manny, on the other hand, shouldn’t be forgiven. He has no one to blame for tarnishing his own legacy except himself. He was never the same after getting caught and suspended the first time back in ’09. I think maybe he had been thinking of retiring at the end of this season and wanted so badly to be the dangerous hitter that he once was and was willing to risk getting caught again to regain that form. You can’t help but wonder what he was doing prior to the ’04 season when they started testing. I think any sort of common sense only leaves you with the sad truth. Its a shame. All that being said, I always liked Manny. He made you want to stop what you’re doing to watch him bat. Manny was a bad dude…

      • jh

        Well said OCB, anyone who blames Bartman is a joke. He is a scapegoat for all of our frustrations and was one of many people reaching for the ball. Everyone conveniently forgets the wild pitch/ walk by Prior right after, single and then booted ball by the real asshole of the situation, Alex Gonzalez. Oh yea, and Derek Lee doubling to tie the score. I am still embarrassed to this day by how he was treated by Cubs fans.

    • awesome

      who is steve bartman? let it go.

      • Cardfan

        I’m picturing Bartman with dreadlocks and laughing my ass off!

        • Cardfan

          Thanks to Bric for the Gravatar advice – looking especially good.

          …and yes, I’m pissed and it’s been a crappy April…

  • PFK

    Pena may be on hell of a guy but he can’t hit worth a lick. He is now at .190 and it is clear that last year’s .196 was no fluke. He’s that bad. He hit .227 in 2009 and .247 in 2008. This guy is on a bad downward spiral and anyone who thinks he’s just in a slump is nuts. $10,000,000 for this? Are you kidding me? They lost to the Brewers and are clearly not even close to being as good as the Brewers. This is painful! I had no hope for this year and just wanted to see some kids develop. But all we get are bad veterans playing bad baseball.

    • awesome


    • jh

      Pena’s Tony Robbins-esque attitude is all well and good but it’s like an ugly girl having a great personality, you still don’t want to be the one with her at the end of the night.

      • Ace

        Unless you have really low self-confidence and need a boost, emotionally.

  • http://bleachernation ramy16

    I see the cubs picked up ramon ortiz…lodgers has been..hope he’s good…I see we also lost a heart breaker…we need some pitching help ASAP