Every day is a new opportunity to turn it all around… or some other bs platitude.

  • Kerry Wood is as angry at himself for walking Yuniesky Betancourt in the 8th inning yesterday as you are. The McGehee homer is what stands out in the box score, but Wood was up 0-2 on Betancourt before throwing four straight balls. If he gets down to business and takes care of Betancourt, the McGehee bat is very different (it leads off the 9th), or doesn’t happen at all.
  • Speaking of angry, Marlon Byrd had a bit of a disagreement yesterday with reporters who asked about his failed stolen base attempt in the 9th inning. It sounds like Byrd missed a sign because Mike Quade wasn’t calling for a steal. After folks asked Byrd a few times about the steal – and whether he received a sign to go – he abruptly cut off questions (in a very un-Byrd-like way): “Done. Beat it. I respect you guys all the time, and we lose a close game like that and that’s the question you ask? Forget it. Beat it.” Apparently John Grabow had to step in to keep things from getting worse. Yikes.
  • In news that isn’t news, Jeff Samardzija has control problems. It’s already widely understood that, short of his guaranteed contract and lack of options, he wouldn’t have made this team out of Spring Training. Odds are that puts him on a very short leash, and it sounds like Quade might be getting a little frustrated. “That’s another situation where he’s going to be as good as his ability to hit the glove, period,” Quade said. “His stuff is plenty good enough to be successful here. You’ve got to locate it, and locate it well and locate consistently down. Until he does that, he’s going to struggle here. He knows that. Whether it’s a mechanical thing, whether it’s mental, whether it’s a combination of the two, he’s just got to fall in love with the catcher’s glove and find it day in and day out.”
  • Quade believes in the unwritten rules of baseball, like not sending in a pinch runner to steal two bases in the 8th inning of a 5-0 game. I agree that there are unwritten rules you should follow, but that one is too close of a call for my taste. If the Cubs were up 5-0 and rested on it, would you be happy about it?
  • Kosuke Fukudome is day-to-day (but probably ok) after leaving yesterday’s game with a slightly strained hamstring. This does not appear to be a display of God’s Wrath.
  • pfk

    Seems like the Cubs have had a couple of problems with signs already this year. I was stunned when I saw Byrd take off for second. He was already upset that he didn’t go for (or was given the stop sign) a triple earlier in the game, so I can see why he had a short fuse afterward.

  • pfk

    The only way Samardijia is going to improve (which I don’t think he will ever do) is to be pitching regularly. I don’t know what they expect to happen with him going for an inning ever 3rd or 4th day. My guess is that Hendry is trying to work on a deal or will wait closer to the deadline and have him as part of a bigger deal.

  • pfk

    I’m changing things up. A new avatar…its my “rally avatar” sort of like a rally cap. Going to take a whole new approach and literally will this organization to a championship. I’ve only got a few years left, so I gotta do something – anything. As my Dad used to say, “Don’t just stand there, do something, even if its wrong.”

  • BT

    Betancourt has walked about 100 times in over 3000 plate appearances. His OBP is under .300 for his career. Walking him in that situation is inexcusable. Walking him after having him 0-2 is beyond inexcusable. Wood should be angry at himself.

    I like Byrd. He’s insane if he thinks reporters weren’t going to ask him why he was stealing. It’s beyond a legitimate question.

    • Dan0mite

      I doubt he was mad about the legitimacy of the question. He’s pissed about blowing a baserunner in a close game and then having a bunch of reporters in his face reminding him of it.

  • Willis

    Sounds like yesterday was one big clusterfuck. Glad I was golfing instead.

    Jesus not even two weeks in and this team is about to spiral out of control. Between injuries and shittiness, going to be a terrible year.

  • Mike

    For the Byrd issue, you have to see the article in the Trib. It shows that they kept asking him the same question over and over. I’m not sure why they would. I’d be pissed too. I mean they should ask the questions. But after 3 times it would make you mad as well. I think that there are some issues overall with the coaching staff that is cming out. I like Quade thus far, but it seems that this entire staff wil be gone before the year ends.

  • Steve

    Samardijia is yet another shining example of the Cubs poor drafting choices. I understand why he made the team. He needs to pitch well enough to attract a trade partner. Pie, Patterson, Harvey…your days as punch-lines are numbered…