The Cubs once again did that whole score-early-and-often-then-completely-shut-down thing, but fortunately, they scored enough early to hold on through several heart attacks. Ryan Dempster got his first win, but, what looked like a great start became just an OK one after Mike Quade left him in to give up two homers in the 7th inning. But it’s an unexplainable phenomenon from the game that gets the enhancement…

  • pfk

    Will Casto be fined for stealing second base? We had a perfect o-fer record going!
    Demp actually pitched well. Once again defense reared its ugly head with Ramirez’s throwing error as it required Demp throw alot more pitches. People don’t realize just how debilitating poor defense is even if runs aren’t scored.

  • Czechxican

    More important than finding “the leadoff man”, more important than getting a “left-handed bat in the lineup” is the Cubs complete un-willingness to steal a single base, when the Wrigley winds are un-predictable the first 2 months of the season, and the single most important thing in a small ballpark is to PUT PRESSURE ON THE PITCHER, the Cubs would rather teach “power first”, everything else, 2nd. Get guys who can get on base, have them start thinking with their head when they do, and start stealing 2nd base damn it!

    I’d rather lose with Rami and Lee striking out with 3 on, than hitting 3 solo bombs a game, because the Cubs will lose those games 8 times out of 10.

    • 1060Ivy

      You realize that Lee no longer plays for the Cubs.

    • wax_eagle

      You also realize that unless you can succeed more than 75% or so of the time stealing bases is a losing game?

  • Ian James

    What does SB mean????

  • Czechxican

    Pena. Lee. – so far this season, what’s the difference?

    So, the 1980’s Cardinals, 1990’s A’s, and the early 70’s Expos teams were losers? What’s this “75%” stat?? What’s the source and WHERE has it been proved?

    Unless you’re going to turn into Brian Fantana and tell me “75% of the time, it works everytime” don’t bother with it.

    Wrigley field winds are unpredictable and our chances of winning on HRs are about 50-50 because of relying on mother nature’s help and NOT owning control