Much like the weekend series against the Brewers, there’s one game this series that looks like a guaranteed loss. In this case, it’s today’s game where James Russell faces Brett Myers. Of course, in the Brewers game it was Casey Coleman versus Yovani Gallardo, and the Cubs beat up on Gallardo.

  • Russell is keeping a good attitude about being a lamb led to the slaughter. At least he’s facing perhaps the worst lineup in baseball. He isn’t expected to go more than a few innings.
  • On the other side of the bump, Brett Myers is crazy consistent. He’s gone six or more innings in 34 of his last 35 starts. He’s also good. Grumble.
  • Getting close to wrath: Kosuke Fukudome remains day-to-day with a hamstring strain. He’s not expected to go on the DL, but Mike Quade is preaching caution. “You push that early and he could be out six weeks instead of four or five days,” Quade said. “He felt better after treatment and his workout today … He’s too valuable to send him out and bring somebody up today.” If Tyler Colvin swings like he did last night, we will all be praying for a prompt return. Oh, and we’re missing valuable Fukudome April at bats!
  • Quade offers the final word on Bad Attempted Steal(Gate): “We talked about all that, and I think we’ve come up with a solution. It’s just a green-light sign to me, and whether or not he had the green light. I don’t think he had the green light. [Third base coach Ivan DeJesus] doesn’t think [he did]. He thought he did. So we have three guys. Three of us screw the thing up, and we move on. And we try not to do that again.”
  • jstraw

    Marlon isn’t saying he had the green light. That would still put it on him as a bad decision and not just miscommunication. He said he got the sign to steal. That’s just miscommunication. It’s a distinction with a difference.

  • Willis

    The stars are going to have to align perfectly to even be in this game tonight. An early offensive explosion would be nice, but won’t happen against Myers. He has owned the Cubs.

  • pfk

    The Cubs have decided to use a white board with a magic marker for the signs – kind of like they do in auto racing. “S” is for steal. “N” is for no steal. “HR” is for hit and run. “B” is for bunt. “IHNFIWTD” is for, I have no fucking idea what to do.
    Should we start playing taps for Russell now? Will this be Koy Hill’s breakout game?

  • Mike

    Good lord……the Cubs are close to signing ex Brewer Doug Davis…….shoot me now….please.