Today the Chicago Cubs signed pitcher Doug Davis – remember how he used to vexate us? – to a minor league deal. He’ll head to extended Spring Training, and, if he makes the big club, he’ll get the prorated portion of $900,000 (with a possibility of another $1.1 million in incentives). The signing is all about depth, given the twin injuries to Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner. That said, don’t expect to see Davis stepping into the rotation anytime soon. He’ll probably need several weeks to be game-ready.

Davis pitched just eight games last year, missing the rest of the time with an enlarged heart and an issue with the flexor tendon in his elbow. Both issues were reportedly addressed in the offseason, so we’ll see what Davis has left in the tank at age 35.

We’ll have more on this later.

  • Serio

    Is he going to be part of the grounds crew or maybe be a vender?

    • pfk

      He rolls a mean tarp!! Good to see Henry working those wires and rest homes.

      • Ace

        Arm’s too jacked up to roll tarp anymore…

  • Cheryl


  • TSB

    Bring back Ferguson Jenkins…he may have something left in the tank

  • http://bleachernation ramy16

    wow..anouther washed up Brewer and D-Backs pitcher..why dont hendry put his fat ass out there to pitch? oops i forgot his sorry ass has already fucked this team for a long time..iam 39yrs old..i hope and pray to god everyday that we someday win a championship before i die

    • pfk

      You are 39 and you hope and pray??? I’m 64 and I’m still hoping and praying 25 years longer than you have. The men in my family haven’t lived beyond 69, which means I may be near the end of getting to see them in the Series.

  • http://bleachernation ramy16

    once again a trade comes back to haunt us!!..has anybody saw how well sam fuld is playing??the guy is doing great for the Rays..defense..hitting the ball…stealing bases..what in the hell is hendry doing to our ball club…reminds me of the casey mcghee haunt..cubs let him go…and look what happens…geez…tells me that a bowl full of monkeys can run our team better..kenny williams must be having a hay day being the white sox gm!!

    • VanSlaw

      Yeah, this week’s worth of Sam Fuld performance unequivocally proves that the Garza trade is a bust. Send in the bowl of monkeys!

      • jh

        A good week by Fuld does not make any difference in the Garza trade but it does make you wonder if the Cubs mishandle young (or youngish) players. Fuld almost hitting for the cycle is remarkable but in no way proves JH is a terrible GM (he proved that long ago). It makes me wonder if Colvin’s .111 is due to mishandling just the same. Never knowing where you hit, play or IF you hit, play must not be the most comfortable place to be. Young players have to earn it but when your in an organization that unequivocally shows that performance isn’t necessarily the most important aspect (do I need to list examples???) it has to shake your confidence.

        In a much less thought out opinion, I see Castro as the same problem but on the opposite side of the specrum. He is 21 but also needs days off from time to time. I know there is a lot riding on him but I don’t want to see him end up pushed to the edge of what he can handle and become a “never was”. Yes that seems like an over-reaction but when a very proud franchise is relying on you as the future (see Mark Prior & Kerry Wood) things can end up ugly.

        Oh yea…. good luck Doug Davis, we’re pulling for you.

  • awesome

    I’ve always been a Fuld fan, but he never was given a descent chance. the Cubs need/needed a lead off man who could steal, run, and play very good D. so they trade Sam. many fans said Fuld never hit in the minors, was at best a 5th OF’er, etc. anyone who knows anything could see he was there best CF’er, better than Reed and Fukudome. you could have moved Byrd to RF. then again, Hendry, Ricky, and Quade know best. we went from rebuilding to old again, lol.