Well, that was just a fluky game you’ve got to chalk up to “who could have possibly predicted such a disaster?” Right? Oh. Wait.

Although he was horrible, I actually feel bad for James Russell. As I said before, he was a lamb being led to the slaughter – and he was slaughtered. Hopefully the Cubs can figure out a better back-up plan for the next 5th starter turn in the rotation. But there’s someone else who also helped the Cubs last night and deserves the enhancement.


  • pfk

    This loss doesn’t bother me as it was totally expected. I really don’t care about this season as I’m looking to see kids develop for the bug push next year when contracts come off the books. In that regards, I love seeing Barney and Castro together – good chemistry and they are a good 1-2 in the order as well. Barney can hit behind the runner and makes contact. Plus, he’s hitting for a better average than I expected. Sad to not see Colvin get to play everyday. Sorry to see Soto struggle so badly. Pena, Ramirez and Soriano are all about as expected. Byrd is having his early season blast, lets hope he can keep it up.

  • Bric

    One thing that is overlooked is the return of Stevens. I thought this year in ST he finally figured it out but wasn’t really given a chance due to past experience which was tainted. I’ve always thought he was a servicable long man in the pen (not flashy but better could eat up innings when needed). I hope he does well.

    He (along with others such as Scott Eyre) were unfairly never given a legit chance by Lou or Rothschild, who both seemed like seniors playing out the year before they graduate. I specifically remember the July 4 game last year when Stevens was getting shelled and neither of them even got off their ass to go talk to him (Santo was ranting about it). It was about that time that I gave hope on the management of team for the season. Let’s see what a fresh start gets us.

  • Czechxican

    That’s it. Grabow and Golden domer Smarj have to be taken out back and just shot already. I can’t watch anymore of their foolishness when they throw a baseball like it’s a damn whiffle ball. Hats off to Q for calling out Smarj, he clearly could give a S that he went to south bend.

    Just tie them down, squeeze the trigger, and leave them out at the corner.