After watching the slow-moving disaster that was the all-bullpen experiment last night, I’m guessing you’re itching to hear some good news about pitchers Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner. Well, I don’t have good news. God is wrathful, after all.

But I do have news.

In his weekly chat, Bruce Levine casually dropped the first estimates (that I’ve heard) about the returns of Wells and Cashner. The fact that it was casually dropped in a chat and not made the subject of an entire article tells me that either Levine’s source for the information isn’t solid or he’s just out-and-out guessing. Whatever the case, it’s the first estimate, so it’s worth passing on.


Levine says Wells is expected to be out three and a half to four weeks, and Cashner is expected to be out six weeks. Obviously things can change when they start throwing again (hopefully next week), but that would Wells on schedule to return in about two and a half weeks, and Cashner in a little over a month.

Like I said, not good news. But news.

It means the Cubs are going to have to figure out a fifth starter for at least another three starts, and you’re going to be seeing a lot more of Casey Coleman.

Doug Davis is not expected to be ready to join a rotation for more than a month, so he’s not really the answer here – he’s simply depth in case Wells/Cashner’s recovery takes longer than expected, or if (Lord, no) there’s another injury in the rotation.


    The Beard segment was hilarious.

  • wax_eagle

    I’d give spell check a shot at starting. He just pitched 3 innings, maybe he can go 4 in the next one. I didn’t see the start, and I’m sure it wasn’t great, but 3 inning of 6 ERA ball could be a lot worse.

    I assume other options include Diamond, Stevens, Marshall (probably the bets pitcher available, but he hasn’t started for a while).

    Wonder if Woody wants to give starting another shot….

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      Diamond got pounded down in AAA last night, giving up 9 runs on 8 hits with two home runs in only 3.1 innings of work. He doesn’t seem to be a major league caliber guy. Not at this point in his career anyway.

      From what I’ve seen and remember of Stevens, he doesn’t seem like the kinda guy that’s gonna come up and eat up some innings while still keeping us in games. Though he might still be one of our better options.

      Russell is just plain bad.

      Marshall would probably be our best bet at a somewhat competent starter, but then that kinda ruins what strength we do have in our bullpen. Plus I’m guessing he isn’t stretched out at all.

      I would be concerned if Wood was given a shot. Though it would be cool to see him make some quality starts, I think there’s more bad than good that can come from him trying to start again.

      Spellcheck may actually be one of our better bets which isn’t saying much considering the competition. Though we all know what will happen if he starts.

      • wax_eagle

        New idea. Someone else pitches the first inning and Spellcheck pitches the next 4. Bullpen from there.

  • Dan0mite

    Isn’t Todd Wellemyer still with the Cubs in the minors? I know he wasn’t great in spring but he has to be better than Russel and he has big league starting experience.

    • Ace

      Unfortunately his hip is still hurt.