Well, the Cubs did what they do – score a lot early, and then do nothing for a long time; starting pitcher starts off looking good and then falls apart – but they pulled out the win. I suspect that Carlos Zambrano was just uncomfortable having the first good start among the Cubs’ top three starting pitchers, so he made sure to gum it up in the 6th. But, a win’s a win, and the offense sure showed up in this one (even if they did, at one point, load the bases with nobody out and score NONE).

  • pfk

    I’m quite OK with the game last night as there are many positives to take from it: Castro continues to be the budding superstar with a bat and now with the glove; Barney continues to play and hit well; the big 3 in the bullpen did their jobs perfectly again; Soto may have found his stroke; Baker is proving to be a valuable utility player ala Mark DeRosa; Soriano is hitting the long ball and driving in runs. I’m concerned with Colvin’s bat and glove. He looks tentative at the plate and in the field. That blooper was easily his but he showed no confidence in going after it. Hopefully some extended playing time will get him straight.

    • Ace

      I agree; see the upcoming bullets post for some words on Colvin.

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    I am beginning to worry a little about Pena’s power. Its a little discouraging that he hasn’t even been able to hit a home run yet. I love his great attitude and leadership qualities and I know he wasn’t going to come here and hit .300, but I did expect him to come here and launch some moon shots. Hopefully he’ll get comfortable and hit first Cubs home run soon. I can just imagine in a few of those heart breakers we’ve lost that if Pena had a homer or two already, we may have a win or two more on our record.

    • pfk

      Yes, it disappointing and sad because he is a cool dude. The fact is, his career has been on a downward slope for some time and his .196 of last year wasn’t much of an aberration. He’s on a one year stopover so it will be interesting to see what they do at 1st for 2012. One bright spot is that Pena’s injury has given Baker playing time and he’s making the most of it and proving he is valuable to have around. I’m kind of getting into how things are playing out and I’m not so concerned about wins and losses this year – just positioning for 2012 and beyond – sort of like the Bulls did last year. I’m kind of getting into it and starting to enjoy it rather than be frustrated that they aren’t contenders, like I was for the first couple of weeks.

  • http://karenscubsblog.blogspot.com/ Karen P

    I am drowning under my school work this week, and I’m not gonna lie: your Enhanced Box Scores are so great. It’s a quick, easy read and gets me the (general) info that I need to know. Thanks! :)

    • Ace

      Well thanks, Karen. That’s precisely what I’m going for with the EBS, so I’m glad it works for you. Hopefully it occasionally draws a chuckle, too.

  • Willis

    It does seem as if the .196 was not an aberration and Pena is going to be around a .180-.190 hitter. It’s way too early to write him off, but so far he has been a disappointment. His glvoe and attitude are great, but we can’t have one of the most counted on run producers hitting under .200.